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  1. Hi GiGi at the end of the book after Anne Lucas confronts Eva & Eva is talking to Gideon that's when she puts it together that Anne is treating Corinne.
  2. Ok after re reading the book, I think that at the fundraiser Eva figured out that Anne Lucas was the Dr.that Corinne was seeing at put her on the antidepressant medicine. Â I think the Russian Mafia has Megumi to trafficking her. Â I think we will see a showdown between Eva & Corinne. Â I think Gideon is definitely going to SD with his wife. Â Was I the only one that thought that Corinne baby was Gideon baby at first? Â I got a little freaked out at first! Â I think that Eva didn't tell her mom that Gideon had proposed because she wanted her to see the ring on her finger & I think she told her before they left for the fundraiser. Â
  3. Hi sscrph, you are right about Corinne not going anywhere yet but she played the wrong card that time because Eva is going to get her in this next book. Â I don't think she will get back with her husband but once Eva gets done with her she will definitely leave Gideon alone.
  4. Hi GiGi, I hope & pray that we get book 4 before the end of the year. Â According to a post she posted on FB, she is paying for a release before the end of the year. Â Fingers crossed for that.
  5. Let me start of by saying that I Loved the prenup. I hate a couple of things that happened in the book but after reading a couple of the comments, I feel better. I thought that was very rude of the way that Elizabeth treated Eva & can't wait to see how Eva restores the relationship between her & Gideon our if it's even possible. I don't think that baby is Cary's! I hate that Corinne still has so much power over Gideon & he should have not been called to the hospital. (I thought was going to turn our to be his). What's the deal with Megumi? Anne Lucas, Denna & Corinne all need to get lost (I think they all will cause more problems for the couple in the next book). Monica needs to tell Eva what's really going on with her & why she's so concerned with money. (Maybe she's the connection with the mob). Think about it! In the last RIY spoiler the question was asked what was Gideon whispering to Eva the couple of times when she heard him speak hoaresly. Sylvia Day said it was a EWY spoiler but it was not answered in EWY so was it that he was saying "I Love You" then? I Loved the book, wanted more & hope that we don't have to wait long for the next book!
  6. I can't believe I finished this in one day. I'm so ready choir the next book in the series..... I'm pretty sure that SD said that she would cover in this book what Gideon kept whispering & I still didn't catch it!
  7. Yes, I have & I Love all of them that I have read: Â All Revved Up, What Happens In Vegas, Mislead, Kiss of Night, A Dark Kiss of Rapture, Catching Caroline, Heat of the Night & Pleasures of the Night! Â They were all good to me......
  8. In RIY when Eva gave her house key back to Gideon she said "I thought he might have whispered something, but I didn't catch it if he did"!!!!!!! Â A fan asked Sylvia Day what did Gideon say & her response was that was an EWY spoiler so I know she will elaborate on it in EWY. Â Anyway as I was reading Bared To You "AGAIN" for about the 15th time, Eva said in the beginning when Gideon made her for the first time b4 the Advocacy Dinner "I thought I heard him speak hoarsely, but I lost the words. Â Do you think he said the same thing both times & it will be explained in EWY and if so what do you think it was that Gideon said! Â I'm thinking that he was whispering "I Love You"! Â What does everyone else think?
  9. I been on the wedding page every since Eva told him she was going to marry him. Now we just have to wait to see what book it will be in. It will also be nice to see how things play out with his mom & see how they get rid of Brett & Corinne. We have alot to look forward to.
  10. mrsmajessick: Sylvia Day cleared that up when it was asked why Gideon still went to dinner & she said G gideon knew how important it was & knew that if he didn't show, that Eva would never forgive him. The fact stills remain that they all had a solid alibi for the time of Nathan's murder so what they officer say want stand up in a court of law. They need solid evidence & they know they will never have it.
  11. I agree & to add, he didn't expect Eva to give him back the ring. Confront his mother, try to get answeres on her own & in doing so she confronts Corinne & Dr.Lucas. Gideon had to stop the distance thing to figure out what she was doing & they were seen by a cop, so if they go back & investigate more they will see that. And to top it all off,I know few didn't expect Eva to tell him she was going to marry him. I'm looking forward to reading EWY and whatever the fourth book, will be called. I'm sure there will be another book, I just hope we don't have to wait to long after EWY to get it. I hope Sylvia Day is about done with it, then she can finish the dream guardians. :-)
  12. Eva also told Dr. Peterson that she Loved Gideon & when he took her out & gave her that look, in my opinion that was his way of telling her that he Loved her because after they kissed Eva said her didn't have to say anything & that she got it. Meaning she got what he couldn't or wouldn't say because he showed her how he felt about her.
  13. Did anyone see her status on FB, just now. I know she is doing another book to the crossfire but it want be long after EWY is released before they release that!
  14. In case anyone missed it today!!!!! Â Â Â ENTWINED WITH YOU Snippet #8Â
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