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  1. I was walking by a jewelry shop the other day staring at the engagement rings in the window, when it struck me how sweet the whole engagement ring thing was in the book.  Gideon gave Eva his mom's ring which I would imagine he'd had for some time as part of his inheritance. Or, regardless of when took possession of it, he probably would have had access to it since he was 18, if not sooner.  Yet, when talking about Corrine, he said that he went into one jewelry store and picked out a random engagement ring that looks like her mom's. Gideon didn't give Corinne his mom's ring. Even at that age, still messed up inside his head, and however grateful he was for her love, he knew she didn't deserve his family heirloom. so sweet...  Not sure if anyone brought that up before in this forum, but ring connection just hit me, and it was yet more proof of how special Eva is to him. it made me smile.
  2. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I've had a whole Gideon playlist on my phone since the first book. I've got about 40 songs on it, but here are some highlights.  The VLA - "When I am Through with You" It works in a literal sense for all the women Gideon left in his wake, but it also applies to Eva, too, in a softer way.  When I am through with you, There won't be anything left. When I am through with you. Oh come back now where did you go? No need to cower, don't know If i can even turn your light on Hello, Daisy, is that you Hiding in the grass? I've come to pluck you, I'm gonna pluck you right in half.  When I am through with you, There won't be anything left.   Another, more obvious choice, Sarah Mclachlin - "Angel" Not sure if anyone suggested that one yet, but it's so perfect for Gideon.  in the arms of the angel fly away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here   Joseph Arthur - "Honey and the Moon" So perfect for when Gideon first meets Eva with that whole "I want to **** you" line  Don't know why I'm still afraid If you weren't real I would make you up now I wish that I could follow through I know that your love is true and deep as the sea but right now everything you want is wrong, and right now all your dreams are waking up, and right now I wish I could follow you to the shores of freedom, where no one lives.   I could go on with the rest of my playlist, but I'll spare everyone before this post gets too long!
  3. I agree. Nearly every time she talks to him or sees him, she's still talking about how hot he is....how great his body is....how seductive his voice is. If she had truly let go by now, she wouldn't be nearly as phased by his looks or voice. She's still reconciling her feelings for him. And, finding out your ex that treated you like crap not only wants you back, but has been using you as his muse? Well if that's not an ego boost, I don't know what is. I think she's using his interest in the same way she used to use the s*x...as a cheap way to make herself feel better. I don't think for a minute she'll cheat on gideon, but she needs Dr. Travis ASAP!
  4. Benjamin Bratt is the perfect Victor! Tall, handsome and built. Yum!
  5. Was anyone under the impression he had? I thought it was pretty well established by Graves they had nothing solid. Did I miss something in one if the books?
  6. Most lawyers don't try to prove innocence...even with an innocent client. They argue not guilty. The difference being they don't have to volunteer any information about why the client is innocent which could be in conflict with what they know, just reasons why the prosecution isn't correct with their charges. It's true a lawyer can't present anything that would perjure themself, but all they need to do is poke holes to create reasonable doubt. Even before the mafia tangle, Gideon's case would have been nothing but a bunch of circumstantial evidence and it would be easy to argue "you can't prove it" to everything the prosecution had, even if Gideon had confessed to him. I'm sure cases with solid evidence are harder for the lawyer, if they have a confession, but luckily gideon was too smart to leave any traces behind. :)
  7. Do we ever get any sense if how long Gideon's abuse went on? We know Eva's was about four years, but what about Gideon? How long before he told his mom? How long did it continue after? I'm hoping, believing him or not, the uproar at least got the pedophile out if the house, but I could also see Lizard keeping the therapy sessions going until it was "proven" and then, when it wasn't according to Dr. Lucas, continuing them still.
  8. OMG! I never thought about that before, but you're so dead on. I think it even speaks to how he treated women. Not wanting any emotional attachment, using them and discarding them without a second thought... The same way Gideon was used, in part because of his mother. I wonder if she went after his friends in high school. Marrying Vidal sounds like it was mostly for security and stability, so she may have been bored and gotten a little to friendly when he brought friends home....thus perpetuating the "using and discarding" pattern.
  9. Is anyone else getting a little worried about how Eva and Gideon are getting a little lax about falling asleep next to each other? He still has issues. We saw that when he grabbed her wrist when Eva came running into him during his last nightmare. I think this issue is going to bubble up at least one more time, especually if the next two books are about Gideon working through his problems. I hope things don't get too far out of control, but I definitely think we haven't seen the last of the issue.
  10. I'm not a lawyer but I do know that anything at all you tell a lawyer under retainer is attorney-client privilege and is completely protected...at least in the US. Defense laweys would have a hard time doing their job if their clients couldn't be fully candid with them. (Not that all clients are...) I don't think Gideon would have told the lawyer, though. Even if the lawyer suspected, though, it's his job to keep him out of jail and he couldn't repeat a single word Gideon said to anyone...even if Gideon confessed to a multitude of crimes. I don't think that Gideon would have told angus either, but angus is a smart guy and probably knows. I have a different take of detective graves. I think she knows it was Gideon (or at least did until the whole mafia hit) but she had no proof whatsoever and now has reasonable doubt. I don't think she's on anyone's side at all... Not even Nathan's. she knew what nathan did ans it was through her we found out his own dad didn't care about him anymore. I think she's unbiased and just wants the truth....I could be way off though. only Sylvia knows right now...what I wouldn't give to be her editor or work at her publishing company!!
  11.  I interpreted the Tableau One choice differently. I think Eva went out with Brett because of the pain that she was still working through of Gideon spending time with Corrine, but I don't think her choice in restaurant was malicious. At that point, they both seemed to be trying to meet each other half way and choosing a place where Gideon (or Arnoldo) could watch over her, was part of that, despite her judgement to meet Brett.  One thing does amaze me about Eva's and Gideon's reunion.... If I was Eva (Ha! I wish!) Anyway, if I was her, in addition to the pain of the separation that Gideon caused, I would be devastated by how the press wil inevitably have a field day being spotted together again.  Gideon and Eva get together. Gideon dumps her for an old flame. Eva welcomes him back with open arms. Eva's publicly portrayed as a doormat...just another girl willing to put up with anything Gideon dishes out just to keep him.  She and Gideon know there's more to the story, as do we, BUT, if I would still be sickened by what the public thought of me. It's rough enough sometimes when you hear a friend thinks badly of you. I can't imagine being dragged through the press like that. I'm sure perception will change some once the public wedding actually happens...until then, with his history, I'm sure everyone thinks Eva is just Gideon's doormat of choice for the moment.  Eva clearly is dealing with some hurt, but I think she's handling it really darn well. Probably better than I would be. No matter how well intentioned he was and how thankful I would be to him, I would still be devastated that he was capable of hurting me that much...especially all for the public watch it play out.  Was anyone else surprised how well she handled things? Outside of a few hiccups, she really seemed to go from devastated to happy in lightening speed.
  12. Â If you're looking for a reading with a male voice, below is a link to a youtube channel where a guy and girl read a lot of romances together. EWY isn't there yet, but RIY is. The readings aren't as professional quality as the official, of course, but they're decent and the guy's got a pretty good male voice...much better than Eva's rendition in the official audio book! Â http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4iJCQdkKuUi6NMQ1xSWUIQ
  13. Â That would be interesting. Perhaps if will force Gideon to deal with his mother once and for all like Eva thought he needed too. Â Frankly, I thought Lizzie was flat out delusional with the whole "you won't take my son away from me" bit. Gideon probably hasn't broached the abuse issue in ages, so she thinks it's all in the past, but has she never noticed that he won't come to the house, that he won't hug her back, that he's a block of ice when he talks to her? She's clearly not dealing with reality if she still thinks her son has any affection for her whatsoever....and even more so, if she can't figure out why...
  14. Â Â Ack. All this time I've been pronouncing her name wrong in my head! I always thought it was EE-VA (long E). But in this recording it's AY-VA (long A). Â I can't be alone in this, can I? Â thanks for the link. I'm definitely downloading....my mind is going to be jostled every time I hear her name, though. lol
  15.  I think he'll go with her. He'll oversee the whole Brett situation. He'll spend time dealing with the video issue. And He'll prove once and for all that he can leave Corrine in the dust...especially since JFG will probably explode if he sees him again. Plus, deep down Gideon has to know that Corrine knew she was pregnant. And he must also realize that she schemed to cut him the deepest way possible with her suicide attempt. With those two things, hopefully he'll finally see her true colors. Â
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