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"Captivated by You"

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    I was thinking the exact same thing. I am really hopeful that her publisher is in NYC. Hey guys without bringing too much attention to the negative posters. What is the deal with that? I love the story and personally don't want it to end, if she wants to take 2 years to write a ###### book who cares...I would be more upset if she didn't plan to finish it but I am not going to complain about it taking too long. Same with people who complain that it went from 3 books to 5. Seriously? This is good news, great news in fact. If you liked a book that much to read the 3 why wouldn't you want a bonus of 2 more?

So I was on SD's facebook and she mentioned in a caption of a picture that she was headed to NYC in the next couple days. Maybe its to meet with Penguin about a possible release date.... or she finished the 5th book and is meeting with them about it. I probably shouldn't make assumptions and get myself excited over nothing lol.

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