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Game of "Kill off A Character"

  • Teaser Paragraph:

Gideon Cross 20+1=21

Eva Tramell Reyes Cross 21

Victor Reyes 16

Monica Stanton 13

Cary Taylor 13

Dr. Petersen 10

Mark Garrity 10

Scott (Gideon assistant )11

Steven Ellison 10

Shawna Ellison 10

Elizabeth Cross Vidal 5 -1= 4

Christopher Vidal Sr. 10

Christopher Vidal Jr. 7

Ireland Vidal 20

Parker Smith 11

Daniel (last name unknown) 10

Terrence Lucas 5

Brett Kline 4-1=3

Megumi 10

Magdalene Perez 11

Michael Waters 10

Christine Fields 10

Walter Leaman 10

Angus McLeod 17

Benjamin Clancy 14

Arnoldo Ricci 12

Martin Stanton 11 + 1= 12

Jean Francois Giroux 9

Richard Stanton 10

Sam Yimara 8

Shelly Graves 9

Lacey (Last name unknown) 10

Richard Michna 10

Trey 10

Erik 10

RIP List

Nathan Barker RIP Gideon Cross

Corinne Giroux R.I.P 02/07/2013 azmich

Anne Lucas R.I.P. 06/07/2013 Rogue

Tatiana Chirlin RIP 7/7/2013 shazscott1980

Deanna Johnson RIP 7/8/13 Barb55

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