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  1. Have y'all seen Magic Mike XXL??? The end scene is the best and there is a very CBY part that will really remind you of Gideon. This might be a good thing to check out while we wait "patiently".
  2. So she replied to a fan on Twitter that it hasn't been a year since the last one came out (even though it's just 15 days shy) and mentioned some countries haven't received it yet. The website may say 2015 but imagine if she removed that! People would be really upset and really give up faith thinking it would never come out. I wonder if they are just going to drop the book on the shelves without promotion? I read that pre-sale numbers really only matter for first time authors to build revenue and she had a such a strong following that they may just release it without warning. Or we could still be talking about this in 2016 lol.
  3. She said on her twitter that "good news" was coming soon! I wonder what "soon" means lol.
  4. It probably won't come out this year since there hasn't been an announcement. If we don't hear anything before the second week in November then it definitely isn't. I wonder what the delay is? Maybe something with the publisher. I remember reading that there was a series called black list or something that was supposed to come out this year after crossfire was finished. I really hope the book isn't tied up in legal stuff and never ends up being published. I have faith in Sylvia though. I do think its funny that a year ago we were thinking the 5th book would be following the 4th shortly and now its about 3 weeks till a year since the 4th one came out and nothing....
  5. CBY release date was announced Septmeber 6th.... I'm still holding out for November release, sometime before thanksgiving, but if it doesn't then probably not till 2016... It's been so long that I can't remember what story line I'm most excited to have resolved...
  6. It's hard to imagine all of these story lines will be tied up in this last book. I hope it's like 600 pages. I think the Corrine one will end up being just smoke and her not going through with the actual book. Or she does and nothing comes of it except press. Monica will be planning the wedding so it's not like that will take up many pages since Monica can never get ahold of Eva. The wedding will probably be a rundown like the elopement was, without any minor play by plays. The big focus of this book is Gideon's healing so it seems that would take precedent for face time over the fake wedding they are putting on for the families. I hope the book comes out in November!Â
  7. The release date of CBY was announced in early September so maybe we will hear about OWY in the next month or so?
  8. So with the SCOTUS ruling today, I wonder if Trey and Carry would be celebrating if they make it together to 2015. I mean, they are still in 2013....
  9. I'm kinda Eva quit her job and her reply for doing so was "I have a wedding to plan". What happened to all the "gotta stay busy" and "I love work rush/highs"? She was such a determined character and then she just quits?? I know Mark is leaving, but helllllooooo she still has a job. What kind of 24 y/o wanting to make it in NYC (NYC for crying out loud!!!*cough cough* cutthroat world) quits their job just like that? That looks so, so bad on resumes! Her excuse of working for Gideon's competitors is out the window because she told Mark she couldn't work on the tech gaming stuff. I just don't get it. Now, if her job became heading up the Cross Industries charity stuff, that would make sense, but she is a 24 y/o straight out of college. What does she know about heading up charities? Since Sylvia says she doesn't write the characters, the characters tell her what to write, I don't feel mad getting so annoyed and ranting about this. If Eva were my friend I would fly up to NYC and tell her this myself, then steal her man, hehe.
  10. i totally agree with this! Maybe Elizabeth as Demi Moore and corrine as Natalie Portman. I see a little bit of Magdalena as MIla Kunis. I could see Mila being sassy in the girls bathroom. Luke Evans in Dracula looks soooooo much like Gideon, just a slightly older version. Especially in the final scene. I really don't see Henry Cavill as Gideon. He is very awkward in interviews and I saw a Woody Allen movie he was in and it was kinda hard to watch Henry's character. He rocked it in The Tudors though. Eva I am still thinking about, I honestly see her as myself lol. maybe thats why I disagree with everyone. Im about the same height and blonde, I'm also laughing at myself as I think that, so don't take me too seriously. Â
  11. I don't think Henry Cavill can pull off Gideon, he doesn't have super sharp bone structure. He is very, very handsome, but not the look of Gideon that I picture.Â
  12. I haven't watched the videos, but she is wearing earrings from the jewelry store I work in. Kendra Scott! So cool to see one of my fave authors wearing Kendras.Â
  13. I keep wondering where things will go with Corrine. Like what if she writes a tell-all book about Gideon to get his attention? Like from when they dated, stories about sexcapades in the hotel room. Including his "dark side". And with Megumi, her absence most likely has to do with the guy she was seeing who was so sketch. Sounded a little foreboding to me.
  14. Â This is a really great post! Eva is a great communicator and hopefully while she is in SD we can see from her POV exactly what her feelings towards Brett are. Whether its , friendship or curiosity in the man he has tuned out to be. I want the Brett situation to be cleared up ASAP and why Gideon had bruises in that one snippet to be answered.Â
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