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  1. i don't think gideon would be saying "i love you" - he's got serious hang-ups on the word and he's too controled to just let that slip out. i'm more apt to think he's saying something to himself. he's a victum of sexual abuse who's never saught help - it would make sense if every act of sex (especially new ones) brought up unwanted images/feelings that he might have to coach himself through.
  2. "trouble" by taylor swift
  3. i don't think the biggest problem on his end is to trust her - i think his problem is possessiveness. she is not a girl that does what she's told, and that drives him crazy. at this point he would have plenty of reason not to trust her - she kisses ex boyfriends, sees his brother after he warned her not to, she runs away constantly. the trust problem is all hers.
  4. i think that the snippet about dancing in the club - her saying she is "dancing like a single woman" is a sign that they are still keeping the appearence of a breakup in entwined. he's not getting jealous because he trusts her, now,
  5. calling the police never makes for a good story. just because that is what people should do does not mean that's what happens.
  6. i think she is sleeping with christopher in a desperate attempt to be close to gideon. or maybe she understand how gideon feels about christopher, and an affair with him might make gideon want to protect maggie, or realize that he wants her? desperate girls come up with the craziest stuff, so really almost any explaination could be.
  7. i thought that he returned the ring to her on monday only because she left the ring for him on friday. he would have had to opportunity to run into her all weekend, so monday was the first chance he had. it's a simple explaination. i think he trusts eva at this point (as we hear him say in the security office the next day (i think?). the only thing she does that really stirs him is visiting lucas' office, and i don't think that is lack of trust in her as opposed to lucas. i don't think the article about brett would phase him, as he surely knew of her lunch date with him before then. trust is going to be a fun color on these 2 in the next book.
  8. didn't eva already ask him about why he has majority interest? it was in the bath, i think, on their weekend. i could be wrong. but he didn't answer her in either case.  the premise that he just 'acquired' a majority share is hard for me to believe. why would the majority share be available? if it was vidal's company he had to make the decision to allow his holding to go below 50%. additionally, gideon is not merely holding his shares and waiting to ruin the business at his discretion - he's active in the vidal record business. he knows how's signed under their label, and their bands know well enough that he's in charge by looking at him.
  9. angus is just a good guy. remember that he offered corinne a ride, just because he ran into her.Â
  10. a confidentiality clause could prevent a dr lucas from being able to speak about gideon.
  11. why is it assumed that the vidals payed people off? i really don't think there's enough money to get a doctor to ignore sexual abuse of a child. and even if there were - who would they be protecting? the only reason to cover up would be is vidal was the abuser, and then what good is it when the child himself cannot be paid off? he was 11, 12? it's not like he's too young to remember, so they just paint their kid off as crazy the rest of his life and hope he never talks to anyone? it's all a little much for me.  i don't think they paid to cover anything up - they simply did not believe him. there must be another reason the doctors didn't find any evidence of abuse - maybe because he wasn't abused in any way that would leave marks? it would be very plausible that the abuse came down to "he said/he said" and the troubled youth lost out to the reputable adult.
  12. magdalene is a family friend, but their mothers are best friends. best friends, at the affluent level that these women would be, are going to know everything. maybe magdalene still isn't privy to as much, but there is certainly opportunity for sylvia to take it that direction.
  13. i've said it before and i will say it again - gideon does not specifically say it was the doctoral candidate. he just says he was left alone with 'him' a lot. it would be fair to assume that it was the doctoral candidate, but also plausible that it was some other male who was around.  i accept only 3 possiblities from our current pool of charecters - vidal, the doc lucas, or this unnamed doctoral candidate. i could be convinced into any of these camps. and i also accept the 4th option, which is that it was somebody we have not met or spoke of, yet, or may never (as he might have been 'taken care of' in some respect). the only 2 people i will not accept would be christopher and angus, who were present in gideon's life then and far too unlikely as suspects.
  14. although i am curious about raul's appearence at that time. i'm really starting to like angus
  15. i think it is interesting that you are applying real-wrorld knowledge to a piece of fiction. as you said, we hear all the time on court dramas that coroners pinpoint time of death quite exactly - why, then, would we expect anything else from a book? sylvia's a smart gal, but i won't assume she has the same firsthand knowledge that you do.
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