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  1. Hello Ladies!! it's sooo good to be back.  After a first read of CBY I have to say I'm on the fence, I'm a little disappointed with it; I'll defo need a reread to make sense of the book as a whole and to figure out why it hasn't met my expectations to the full.  Perhaps "therein lies the rub". I''m going to "revisit and revise" in order to be able to take this New Gideon in.  What a marked difference there is in both register and rhythm from Chapt. 13 onward, and the second part of the book is way better than the first one. Â
  2. https://www.sylviaday.com/2014/05/11/captivated-treat-4/#.U2_W2xP5tik.twitter  Hello Ladies, here is the latest CBY Snippet from Sylvia!!!
  3. Hello everybody!!! A re-read? I'm in!! Â It's been quite a while since I last popped in here and I'm mesmerized by the new decor of the site, The snippet has only make me crave for more so YES going back to EWY would help, me at least.Â
  4. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!! what a way to start the New Year Â
  5. Thank you Sylvia... for everything.
  6. Hi hotreads I believe Corinne was simply taken aback by Gideon's slipping away from her and was acting on it out of sheer terror to have to let him go. I can almost feel pity for her (when I'm in a really good mood, lol)
  7. Hi Betty, you're right. But what if the said man is always there for you? If you're in love with him you'll hold on to that with all you have got, won't you?
  8. Hello Ladies! I just came across the post GLH has mentioned... here it is!! He's the author of the Game of Thrones Series, if I remember well.
  9. Hello dogcaffeine  I agree with you 100%!!! Far from me to sound judgemental. You're right, being truthful to the character is going to be a challenge within a challenge for whomever will be playing Gideon, or Christian Grey at that.
  10. Good afternoon everybody! Rob is really good-looking, and I really liked him in Downton Abbey, but IMO his gaze lacks in helplessness...maybe it's only the wrong pic.
  11.  Hi jeanmarie and dgcaffein! Gideon didn't want to be seen in public because Eva's runner, like the limo scene earlier on,  had cracked his hard shell and he was afraid his face would reveal  those very emotions he had been striving all his life to suppress. Gideon's mask as the self-assured, ruthless financial mogul can't hide the hurting boy any longer now.
  12. Good morning GiGi!!! I was thinking perhaps Geoffrey bequeathed Gideon some money. There couldn't have been much left after Geoffrey's fraud has been uncovered....but still Lizzardy might have seen that money as a compensation for her totally ruined life.Â
  13. Hi jls!!! I'm afraid her selfishnesss goes well beyond that!!!! While I can understand Vidal's reasons not to adopt Gideon, I believe that In refusing to give Gideon her own name Lizzardy is failing to protect him, again. She might have told herself she had a lot on her mind in the aftermath of Geoffrey's death, what with landing herself a new rich husband and her two pregnancies; she might have told herself she was respecting Gideon's own wish to keep his father's name. At the end of the day, it was Lizzie who wasn't able/didn't care to forsee the hardships Gideon was bound to suffer under his father's name. And I won't talk about any money line, that wouldbe too mean even for her!
  14. I'm thrilled to death!!! Thank you Syilvia for putting up with what must be an uneasy predicament for you to be in.
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