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  1. Eva is not going to be happy when she finds out that Gideon followed her to SD. She's going to take it as if he doesn't trust her to be in the same city as Brett. Is anyone surprised to fine Gideon almost OCD about Eva. It's a little creepy and Eva will loose herself with it. There's only so much someone can do for you before they suffocate  you. Not to mention he's plotting her new job with him. Major battle happening over Eva not being able to be herself.
  2. I hope this isn't a stupid question - but does anyone know if we will we get chapter 1 automatically if we have pre ordered the book?
  3. I was thinking that Thanksgiving or Christmas would be interesting. Getting those crazy families  together would be kind of fun!
  4. I have to ask a question about the last teaser pic. What does everybody make of the dark image that is by the camera lens near her hand?  Someone at work could almost make out a gun - imagine a revolver and the circle of bullets. Maybe I'm nuts or seeing things - who knows!
  5. Well we've got a good month before we can see what Sylvia has dreamed up for Gideon and Eva - what would YOU like to see happen?  We would all like to see hot steamy love between them and not the mention the usual family battles that we know will happen. I'm talking plane crashes, kidnappings, etc. Things that are off the grid - you don't see them on the horizon.
  6. Why would Eva be in danger if he had worked out with a trainer? I'm thinking that maybe Eva has been hiding out someplace and Gideon was surprised to see her out and about exposing her to danger. Maybe the Russian Mob people were a threat. I don't think that story line is dead just yet.
  7. How about morning sickness? It would be a good sub plot for the next book.
  8. It looks like the wait will be a little longer. She just posted on her Facebook page and said:  I know the wait is hard to bear. Thank you for understanding and being kind. Â
  9. I thought I read that the next two books will be more from Gideon's perspective. I was thinking that we would find him more of a possessive, aggressive control freak. You usually don't get to be an extremely successful business man without a few secrets in your closet.  Do you think the books will find that he's a nice guy deserving of Eva's love or a scoundrel in disguise that Eva wins over or a little of both?  Â
  10. I enjoyed JC Reed and the Surrender Your Love series.  Surrender Your Love, Conquer Your Love and Treasure Your Love. Brooke and Jett are awesome and there are more stories on the way.
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