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  1. Eve, I'm with you 100%. The more I think about the Crossfire series, the more questions I have. Why did he only use the one hotel room as a f#$@ pad? Besides needing control and take the upper hand over the woman he brought there, this wasn't really well explained.  Was it because he always use the toys he stored there?  Was it because before Eva, he could not have vanilla sex? Yet, Corrine doesn't strike me as a freak in bed. She seems pretty straight laced...so we are to believe he tied her up, used toys, that he was  "different with her" (as he told Eva in the elevator scene, when he had to cool off before he f#$%ed   her)  I would have liked more back story on the pad. At the end of Bared to You, he explained his relationship with Corrine to Eva, saying it was just sex with her. Yet Corrine did produce pictures that proved otherwise. They did have a relationship outside the f#$% pad. Time at the beach, bonfires, sight seeing, he met her parents. They were engaged...a bit more than a sexual relationship. I would have liked a couple pages out of Corrine's book to see how he was with her. What their sex life was like...did he tie her down, did he control her, use toys on her?  How he acted when they were out in New York, around her family. She told Eva he was very possessive over her, but he was with Eva as well, and they had more than a sexual relationship..so what was the difference between the two woman. We know Gideon stretched the truth to Eva, but he really didn't want her to see the pictures Corrine had or have the book come out. We have all dated, married someone who had a past...was Gideon's explanation of his history with Corrine a bit down played so not to hurt Eva? But why confuse they readers later on with pics of their time outside the f#$% pad, acting like a normal couple. In California at Brett's concert, two woman approached him, and he said in the past he would have control those predators....well no, he would have walked away cause....he wasn't near his f#$% pad, so nothing would have happened.. RIGHT???? So all those times in Vegas buying up property (before Eva), and in Italy when he met Arnaldo....no woman for Gideon??? Maybe just FOREPLAY....in a club's booth cause we know he could do that !!!!!!Â
  2. I'm a big fan of Raine Miller : THE BLACKSTONE AFFAIR. There are 4 books in total with spin off books of secondary characters if it interests you.  I'm a picky reader (as you can tell in my previous posts). I have no complaints about this series. Book 1.  NAKED Book 2. ALL IN Book 3. EYES WIDE OPEN Book 4. RARE AND PRECIOUS THINGS  Â
  3. I'm aware that Arash told  Gideon that Deanna was the ghost writer. Deanna it seems, wasn't going to come clean on that on her own. (snake).  In his office when Arash told Gideon about Deanna, I felt Gideon was going to punish her rather than give her a job.  It was Eva's suggestion to do so. Eva wanted to pacify Deanna by giving her a job, but perhaps one far away from them. Yes, in the end Gideon took the high road. But still, I would've liked to see her "get hers", cause she was sneaky. And in Captivated...I'm sure Deanna told him that the book was being released that following Monday , so how now is it that it isn't even written ??? another fact that is out of order.
  4. I was hoping Gideon would have been a bit tougher on Deanna. He took Eva's advice and offered her a job ..the whole keep your enemies closer thing. But she was behind writing the book of Corrine's. She was at one time hoping to profit from the sale of the sex tape. (yes I know she informed Gideon about it, hoping to profit more from " getting him" or money from him re: the first to get the wedding pictures). Would he have his security sweep her apartment and computers for a copy of the tape? Deanna played Gideon. Why would she tell him about the "tell all book" of Corrine's, knowing at some point he would find out that she is the ghost writer?  Did she just want to see him and toy with him in hopes he would want her? She really is a snake in the grass. Talk about keeping a grudge about an "unfinished....on Gideon's part....one night stand" Perhaps, as mentioned in other posts, that she was a patient of the Fake Doctor that Anne was portraying. She is unstable. Being a young sexually active woman in New York, why the hate towards Gideon for a one night stand that didn't turn out the way she wanted? Couldn't have been her first disappointment in the bedroom. AS Eva told her..."way to represent the single modern woman". (Entwined). She didn't get money for the wedding pictures...one point for Gideon... She did possibly accept a job with Crossfire...one point Deanna...
  5. As long as Monica put Victor's name on the birth certificate ,the baby can have the dad's last name. Eva did add Reyes to her list of last names when she married Gideon. So Reyes is a legal name she can use so therefore he is on the birth certificate. Plus I think Victor asked Monica to marry him while she was pregnant and after having Eva. (he, not knowing she was already married ).
  6.  Too many inconsistencies with this book compared to the last four books.. that the editor, SYLVIA, didn't pick up on...such as... 1. They way Gideon acted around Monica and Stanton when they spent the weekend together. Yes he probably didn't want to be hugged, but annoyed they were calling by his name instead of his last name???? When he met Victor, he was attentive and present in the conversation. He wanted to make good impression. Yet with her mom and Stanton, he acted like a brat. So unlike him from previous books. 2. He would never had agreed to separate bachelor/ette parties. He couldn't let Eva and Cary go to Vegas without flying with him. And Gideon showed up in San Diego (Captivated by You). So sending her to another continent is so out of character for him. 3. The photo that went viral of him in his VIP lounge...as per my previous posts..those acts never would have happened in a public place. Too risky . F#$% pad only. 4. The scene in his office in front of Arash then Scott and other employees...so out of character for both. 5. The way he spoke to her after they returned from Rio. He told her to stop nagging? WHAT??? He never spoke to her like that even if he was joking. And calling her a grumpy angel. Never heard him speak like that...thru 4 books...never!!!! I know it's not horrible or abusive...just isn't the way he speaks to her...especially after that photo of him had just been released. He be attentive and careful. So unlike him. And she wanted to F$%k him in his suit , cause she says she had never done that before??? OH YEAH SHE DID. In her room in the book Entwined with You. (i'm too mentally drained to look for exact spot so if i'm wrong let me know...lol) I'm sure it was the morning after their first night together since their "break up". 6. She gives him the dog.. a gift from his Angel.. and yes, I get he wasn't thrilled to have a puppy, but to hear him worry about his "priceless rugs"...... I feel not a Gideon thing to say. In Entwined to You he wasn't worried about her scratching his Ashton Martin....a very exspensive car, but rugs... really??? 7. To make the decision to have her dad be her body guard??? I love my Dad, but to have in involved in my day to day dealings and then witness intimacies between me and my husband on a daily basis...no thank you. He made decisions for her that ultimately will cause him trouble down the road. 8. In the epilogue, he tells her something about finding a job (not sure exact wordage as only read the book once) because he doesn't want to hold her back...that was a cough out. Give us something substantial...they broke up for a bit over him wanting her to leave her job...I didn't want a small blurb about it in epilogue...and yes I know she MAY work with the foundation but not definite. And really wasn't it just an offer to show up to functions that Gideon couldn't attend?? No office, no workplace comradely. No friends to lunch with. He setting himself up for a very unhappy Eva soon. 9. The way it ended left me thinking that this couple still have a lot of issues to work on cause Gideon definitely getting the upper hand and Eva just along for the ride. (exactly what she didn't want to do...or be). She's his arm candy now. She losing herself in him....just what she was afraid of. 10. He's a young, hot business man worth 12 billion. Where is his entourage of security? Angus? Rauol? That's it? Never heard him mention plain clothed security detail till this book. Why not have that on Eva when Nathan was a threat? But to only have three guys?? I bet the writers of the T.V. series will have more security on them both, to make it more realistic. 11. Stanton all alone. No one thought to check on him. Get in touch with Clancy to make sure heisok. (since Stanton wasn't answering the phone). My God.. the way he protected Eva's history and paid for her apartment, and the way he loved her mom. They ignore him? Leave to deal with this alone (perhaps Martin is there). 12. The Victor and Monica love story ... how everything she did, she did for love ? Well why didn't she go back to the love of her life after she divorced Nathan's dad. She would have had lots of money. Â
  7. I told my husband the same thing yesterday when I finished reading. I didn't even glance at the new book chapter at the end of this book. I used to look forward to the audio books but I don't want this one. I thought I could get closure here , but reading everyone else's issues with the book just makes me more upset with it.
  8. According to the other books Gideon did not act so brazenly out in public. Yes, this is foreplay, but so out of the normal from what we were led to believe about Gideon. He used his f@#$ pad. He is also a successful business man...what is he thinking doing "foreplay" out in public where pictures of the foreplay were taken. He says he was always in control except when he wanted Eva. He says he couldn't control himself and broke his rules for her. Come on here....he was sucking on one woman's nipple and fingering the other. REALLY GIDEON??!!! You are a 12 billion dollar business man. How stupid of you to act this way. And Sylvia don't confuse us...either he uses the f@#$ pad for all  his sexual encounters like the first 4 books eluded us too...or he didn't...which is it. It was with Eva only that he lost control away from his f@#$ pad  or so we were to believe.
  9. I'm feeling a bit BLAH. I was so invested and so anxiously awaiting this book and ...MEH...I've read it and not going to waste time doing a re read. My first place of confusion happened when they took separate bachelor/bachelorette trips. In Captivated by You, Gideon couldn't let her go to San Diego for a weekend even while staying at her dad's. He showed up. So perhaps he felt this was a right of passage she needed and his friends needed. But he and his friends are well travelled and not hard done by...they all could have had a great time together be it Spain or Rio. Then to see that in May, Gideon had been so careless with those two women. He is a respected Business man world wide. What was he thinking being so openly sexually aggressive where pictures and public could see? And in the 4 prior books he makes comments and thoughts that he never was in to sexual acts in public, that what he did with Eva that first meeting in his office where they ended up on the couch and Scott interrupted was so out of line for him. Also he has commented in Captivated that what happened in Eva's apartment in Bared to You, when she was in her silk robe and he came to ask her to be his date to a dinner and he opened the robe and teased her and made her come...that behavior for him had never happened in the past....only at his F$%# pad....He says he wanted EVA so bad couldn't wait and that was new to him!!!  But this picture he contradicted himself. If the woman were aggressive, he would dominate them...in his hotel room. Plus, where was his security that a photo of this nature was taken? And again...what was he thinking??? Now on to Monica. What a complicated story to drop near the end. Makes no sense. She at any time could have gone to Victor. Even after her second marriage to Nathan's dad. She had more than enough money given to her thru divorce to marry Victor and look after her sister. Such a headache to read thru and comprehend at the end of the book. Give Monica her own book...more Gideon and Eva...more satisfactory endings to characters we have followed for 4 books!! Not a skim over and brush them under the rug! Disappointed ! Exhausted ! And let Down !!!
  10.   This excerpt doesn't seem like a SylviaDay style of writing. In my opinion Gideon wouldn't speak to Eva like that. I can't ever see Gideon telling Eva to stop nagging him. Also tells her to stop scowling at him. He calls her a grumpy Angel.   Never heard him speak like that. And Eva says what would it be like to be screwed by him with him wearing his suit. Well they have had sex with him wearing his suit in Entwined with you, so this line seems off to me. Are we sure this is a legit excerpt?                              Â
  11. I was furious when Eva approached his office and found the glass frosted. then to have Scott announce her to Gideon...only to find him with Corrine!!!! They seemed cozy to me..him on edge of desk her leaning into him while he actually held and looked at a picture of them together!!! Why is the glass frosted?? I think Eva should have listened to Gideon and announced to the world they are married back a weeks ago then Corrine may have pulled in her claws.
  12. I had similar thoughts back in the "spoiler" chat. I asked the same question. He has had hundreds of women. None of them try to see him again, or hang around the hotel, try to see him at Crossfire? None of these women felt scornful until Eva was seen with him? I have even toiled with the thought that he may have used an escort service for most of his sexual encounters. The women from the service would be private, professional, confidential. They would not be upset if he doesn't follow thru with intercourse and just focus on them or if he got into some BDSM. They would keep quiet. So therefore not a lot of angry woman wanting his attention outside the hotel except Deanna and Corrine and Anne. Its surprising to me that Deanna {knowing her history from the book Aftershock} that her "failed"  night with Gideon upset her so much. One night stands with rich powerful men are not a new venture for her. Gideon being rude to her and answering his phone before HE finishes can't be a first for her. When you re-read her conversation she had with Eva on the phone about their night...it sounds to me that he pleasured her first cause she says something along the line of "he answered the phone before HE was done." She is a young, modern, well experienced woman in New York and you can't tell me that all her sexual encounters ended in pure bliss for both. Perhaps Anne is behind her scornful behavior as other members have pointed out.
  13. We all know that Gideon told Eva that he used the hotel for his sexual encounters before her, but what if he meant while he lived in New York. He does twist his words. Are we to believe that he never had sex while away on business at his resorts and casinos. He met Arnaldo in Italy. The beautiful women there didn't catch his eye. Perhaps while away he went to sex clubs. Look what he said about the two girls coming onto him backstage at Bret's concert. He would have taken them both on in the past before Eva. But he was in San Diego not New York. Sounded to me like he would have taken them to his hotel room there. He is a clever, crafty man with a huge sexual appetite. He did not lie to Eva...he told her the truth..yes in New York I've only used the hotel but she didn't ask about while he was away and therefore he feels he doesn't need to elaborate as this may upset her. Also when he explains that he doesn't do anal play. Perhaps he was meaning he doesn't receive. As we find out with Anne he has done this with her. He again didn't lie, just explained in a way to spare Eva's feelings yet still tell the truth.Â
  14. In Relected in You, Eva asks Gideon if he has used a swing before and he" shutters" before he replies not to ask that question. So therefore I feel he did use a swing before and it was not an experience that he enjoyed with that person. Perhaps he and Anne set one up in the hotel room. He must have ,at one point been nice to Anne as Gideon tells Eva she was going to leave her husband for him. So they must have talked about being a couple...living together...even if Gideon was just leading her on to get to Dr. Lucas, her husband. Gideon is also a master of leaving out certain info...therefore not lieing..and controlling what Eva knows and how to handle her.
  15. In regards to Corrine's health..mental and physical, I thought she would be out of the picture longer than she was. They would have to evaluate her kidney, liver functions for harm from overdosing. Also she would have obstetrical issues since she lost her baby at 4 months along. I thought she would have been too devastated at the moment to pick up her craziness so soon after her suicide attempt. I'm actually feeling Corrine is in need of major help. She really is very ill. She so desperate to have him back she hasn't even grieved for the baby she and Giroux wanted so badly. A tiny piece of my heart breaks for her.
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