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  1. The Artist~Since my dh is a musician, I'm going to group him with everyone one with talent. Especially the musical persausion.
  2. I'm struggling with this now. I have the mindset that I have to have every aspect of the story written. It has to spit polished and shined with no specks anywhere, before I submit a query. And the queries do take a long time. But I also stink at writing the synposis. Right now, I'm trying to get the first drafts (I have three in the works) finished, polish the synposis, query, then work on edits and polishing the manuscript. I don't even know if this is a feasible thing for me to be doing. :huh:
  3. I love the new smileys. And the color skin!
  4. Sylvia, I love your cover!! It is so hot! :D
  5. What am I working on. . . I just sent my first chapter of my RS to my cps for critique. I'm trying to get it ready for my local RWA chapter March workshop. The deadline is Feb 14th. So I had to really get busy on it. That's one of the reason I didn't met my January WORD goal. And I've been plotting one of my fantasy ideas. And writing/plotting two short stores. I've also taken three workshops and am really really behind in a plotting workshop for the FTH online chapter. And I've checked out several books to help research for my other fantasy idea.
  6. I've already thought of more. Fit into my favorite jeans Workout at least three times a week Learn Pilates Those all expand the lose ten pounds so I don't feel too overwhelmed. :)
  7. OK, I think I've finally got all my goals decided upon. Seems like a long list, so it should be interesting to see how I do. Finish current romantic suspense Finish first book in para series Plot the next five books in para series Submit to more contests Rewrite rejected ms for ST Query RS and Para series Begin plotting and writing second para series Plot next romantic suspense Write everyday Research more short story markets Lose ten pounds Eat out less Challenge myself with more difficult knitting projects Get out and hike more often Payoff (or at least significantly reduce) my debt And now it seems even longer. :shock:
  8. Everyone has some great goals. I'm impressed! I'm still working mine out but I hope to have them by tonight or tomorrow. Then I'll be back to post.
  9. More great questions. I would like to say that I set a daily goal for myself and stick to it. And you know, I do set the goal, but I don't stick to it. When I set the goal I reach it, but I don't reach the daily count every day. Doing the Write OR Die challenge made me stop and think, do I work better under pressure? I made most of my progress in the last week of the month. That really makes me wonder about myself. :-k
  10. Great topic. And you've got some great goals. Me, I haven't been thinking about setting any . . . yet. Right now my main goal is to get all my shopping done by Christmas. I'm close. But I'll be back to post some 2005 goals once I've sat down and thought through what I want to accomplish in 2005.
  11. Congratulations Sylvia! That is fantastic news!! :occasion5: Cheers! You deserve to celebrate!
  12. I get this way sometimes. I still try to sit and write. I'll actually change around the music I'm listening to. Seems to help me. Or if I'm still not getting anywhere, I do something else. Give myself a break and usually something will click that will have me back in the chair. Good Luck!
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