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  1. I meant the term engagement announcement as a title for the discussion, I know there was no official announcement. But it's still really strange that they tell Eva's bosses etc and G's mother, but not E's mother. Someone may have even come and congratulated her in the course of the evening and then she would have looked really silly.
  2. Has Lacey actually contacted Martin yet? He said she was out of town and was meant to call that night. So does that mean that Lacey was off the radar at the same time as Megumi?? Connection?? My suspect is Will. He's the one passing all the messages around - He says Megumi's sick, and He says that Daphne said that she sounded really bad - just to keep Eva from nosing around?? He must have some sort of function - he's a bit of a strange character in the book.
  3. Hi ladies, can anyone tell me where the engagement announcement was discussed in the forum? I found it really strange that Eva discussed it with her mother before the charity dinner and the final statement from Monica was that Gideon has to ask Eva first.....and then at the dinner they're introducing themselves as an engaged couple, without telling Monica first it seems.....she would not be happy if she heard it through the grapevine....Did I miss something?
  4. Here, here...I was much happier before I read it.....like I said before, just hoping CBY ends on a good note.
  5. Reading the prenup again, you get the feeling that G knew how bad things were going to get. He said himself he was so scared of messing it all up and that E would want to do a runner. I think he knows he's going to have to deal with his demons and what it will do to him - he just wanted to anchor E to him in any way possible in the hope that at the end she might still be there.....so that he gets a chance to pick up the pieces and hopefully put it all back together again.
  6. Aaaaaggghhhh! Going crazy here! Reading the back cover of CBY from Sylvia made me dread the book - it sounds so painful! I just really hope that at the end of CBY G & E are in a good place again......as they always have been so far. Having to wait for book 5 with them being apart would not be good. I just get so emotional about these things! I also think Hugh's son would be too young to be Ireland's boyfriend.
  7. Do we know if Monica was so possessive / overprotective of Eva before the whole Nathan story (or before Monica found out about it at least) and if so, I wonder what made her be like that??
  8. Every time I here Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side" I have to think of Eva as she's building up to telling Gideon about Nathan in BTY. She's just so scared he won't be able to live with her dark side...
  9. Hi SME, I have also read the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon (who funnily enough looks a little like Sylvia Day) - or should I say I'm still reading it as the 8th book is due out in December. I love these books - can't wait for Jamie and Claire's story to continue!! I feel like I'm waiting for the next book all over the place - and I am not a patient person!!
  10. Hi SME, I think when she says that Eva's in a good place, she means Eva herself and not the events around her. She is happy with Gideon, she has learned to trust him (almost to an extreme) and to trust in his feelings for her. She has dealt with her demons and is now strong enough to help those she loves. By the way, am I the only one who wants to see Monica back together with Victor? The two really love each other soooo much. I would love it if they could get it together (Monica obviously needing to deal with her money issues). It would be great if Stanton was gay - then he might not be hurt by it all, maybe even be relieved.....otherwise I would feel sorry for him too.
  11. Hi GiGi, Thanks for replying to my post - you really are very thorough!! The problem is, I think she invited Brett up without having seen Deanna: "I invited Brett up, because I couldn't see any way to avoid it that wasn't rude." Like, hello? How about "Thanks for dinner, don't call me, I'll call you", or "See you in my next life?"Â But inviting him up was ASKING for trouble. She would have FREAKED if Gideon had asked Corinne up to his empty apartment. She had already made it clear to Brett that she loved Gideon - what on earth was he meant to think when she invites him up. No wonder the guy doesn't give up.
  12. Hi guys! You are truly amazing! 231 pages and going strong. Congratulations!! I've been trying to keep up with the reading and you've all brought up some really great points and made me see a lot of things from a different angle. Thanks! My only gripe relating to EWY is Eva's handling of Brett. OK, at the start she was meant to be pretending to be single and what better way than with a famous ex, but dinner was not necessary and inviting him up to her apartment where she would be alone with him was really BAD!! I couldn't believe she would do that to Gideon. She knows how Brett affects her and she just has to go cold turkey when it comes to Brett. As for San Diego...... Ugghhh! I think you've all made great predictions for CBY - I'm not even going to bother. The only one I got right last time was that the lower luggage tag on the cover would say Eva Cross - but then you probably all got that one... Instead I went back to RIY and found it was really interesting to see Gideon's approach to Eva knowing what we do now about his previous "sexual encounters". He was completely following his pattern at the start i.e. trying to keep it "impersonal": "Romance isn't in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you", "I'm dangerously close to taking you back to the couch and making you come 'til you beg me to stop" & "What will it take to talk you into a threesome with B.O.B?". Even before the Advocacy Dinner, it was all about Eva, but then in the limo she seriously rocked his world and, well, the rest is history...sigh! Â Â
  13. It's not the first time he's used people without a care for their feelings - remember how he shamelessly led on Dr. Lucas' wife for the purpose of his own revenge, without an apparent thought for the woman's feelings. I think he will stop at nothing to get to his aim - and this perseverance also encompasses Eva now and his protection of her.
  14. I still think Nathan wasn't interested in the money. I think in his sick mind Eva is his and he just wanted to make sure Cross stayed away from her (probably thought showing him the photos and extorting him would drive him away).
  15. Just a thought I had when looking at the cover of EWY - wouldn't it be cool if the luggage tags were for the honeymoon and the lower (half covered) luggage tag would actually say Eva Cross.......?
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