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  1. Lizzy! LOL! Love it! Did Corinne call her husband telling him that she OD or was he with her when she OD?
  2. I agree, LN, Anne Lucas' over medication of Corinne was no accident. I feel that Anne comes from a twisted/sick family...and Anne has her own pathological mental health issues. No, I don't think that Gideon should have taken her to the ER--he should have called her parents if her husband was unavailable Who found Corrine after she attempted suicide or did she call someone reaching out for help---maybe she called Gideon after her attempted suicide? I can hear Corrine say- "Look what I've done, Gideon, because of you""
  3. Favorite quote chapter 3: Â "I hate to freak you out," I muttered between desperate kisses, "but you've got it real bad for me."
  4. I think that Victor may have figured out what Gideon did for Eva....and I would have loved to have been privy to that conversation,too
  5. I love that song...
  6. Wow, LN!! Love it!  I was traveling yesterday---going on a holiday--as the European ladies would say---and now I am trying to play catch-up..
  7. http://unitedvoices.tv/henry-cavil  This is an audio of Henry Cavill doing 3 commercials and a narration..
  8. Dang!! Looking at this pic---would love if HC would do just one chapter from EWY on an audio book----maybe the chapter from the scene at the night club...*whew*!
  9. Ok I found it!! Very Nice!!
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