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The Release date of Entwined With You


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Entwined with You won't release in December. The New Year's Eve date was problematic and I didn't like it. While e-readers wouldn't have a problem getting the book, p-readers would. Stores close early on NYE and don't open at all the next day. Shipments are delayed. Because the staggered release of Reflected in You was disliked by so many, we're all determined that EWY release in all formats on the same day. In order to make sure that happens, the release date of EWY is fluid until I turn the book in.

So what I can confirm is:

1) EWY will not release in 2012

2) The paperback and ebook will release on the same day

3) The May preorder date isn't set in stone.

There may be a fourth book. Depends on how much I get wrapped up in EWY. I won't rush the book just to fit it into a trilogy, nor will I drag it out unnecessarily.

Hope this helps somewhat.


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My friend introduced me to this series and I'm obsess and devasted that the third book won't come out till June 4th :( :( so I've read in a blog.. I wish time would fly by because I'm going on vacation late june and I would love to take Mr. Cross with me ;) ;) ;) ily SD..


Yeah I agree with you. I'm going to a destination wedding in June and more vacation in July. I've recently bought a Kindle but I buy my series in tangible copies. I want to be on the beach with Gideon... I guess Eva will have to be there too lol.

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