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  1. Â I can agree with that. Not saying it never happens, some DA are pushed screaming into trying cases on circumstantial evidence by families, the mayor, the governor and even the press. 90% sounds really high to me but I don't know where you live so I can't say for sure. The plea deals I've tried and seen where based on capital murder where the defended pleaded guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. But, none of them ever had the hope of getting out. It was still a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. Â Anywhoo, we said we'd move on. First I really enjoy you and GiGi's comments - I like the fire in you gals! Secondly, since we're both team Gideon did it, what do you think about Angus' words "He knows when to stop?" Think it adds to the theory of how Gideon was able to stab Nathan just once and leave?
  2. Quick point. Â The DAs in both the Anthony case and the OJ case had piles of evidence against those clients. Those cases were lost not due to a lack of evidence but to due to how the defense attorney's portrayed their clients to the jury for example they made Casey Anthony a victim of childhood abuse and made it appear she was mentally slow to understand what happened to her baby. That she was used to compartmentalizing her life based on the abuse and carry on as if nothing happened. It's a lot more complicated than what was seen on tv - laws wise. Â I think at this point instead of beating a dead horse we can agree to disagree. As a lawyer myself, I would never take the case against Gideon because unlike the Anthony & OJ case there is no real evidence against him.
  3. Hi GiGi,  I'm not sure what thread I mentioned it in earlier but anywhoo, my theory is about Christopher Sr. knowing about the abuse of Gideon and paying people off to stay quiet and keep it away from his wife. In my way of thinking it makes sense if Christopher Sr. knew for Gideon to take away his buisness in the form of owning controlling interest in Vidal Records. I bet the thought that maybe Christopher Sr. would off himself at the lost of his buisness crossed Gideon's mind - as Gideon's father did at the lost of his wealth and reputation. I wonder how Christopher Sr. explains to people how his step-son has controlling interest? I even wonder if Elizabeth knows? I think the only reason Gideon didn't take it all and dismantle it was because of his mother, brother and sister. I think he still has love for them, especially Ireland. I'm hoping at some point that side of him will come out. What do you & others think?  I want to add that even if Christopher Sr. kept all of this away from Elizabeth, she's still a rat for not believing her son. I'm not at all violent, but I'd smack her.
  4. Hi Everyone, Â Wow, could this snapshot be about Eva and the new guy she was training towards the end of RIY? I can't remember his name, but I'm sure you guys know who I'm talking about. Every character fills a role and to bring in a new character that close to the end of the book just to give Eva something to do at work doesn't seem like something Ms. Day would do. Could he try and cause a little trouble between Eva and Gideon - another guy that wants Eva? And, if Eva and Gideon are still undercover, will Eva use this new guy as her "plus one" like Gideon uses Corinne? What do you guys think?
  5. Hi GiGi,  I think you're theory regarding Monica is just as plausible as any other. In many ways you've now got me re-thinking things. But, do you think that perhaps Ms. Day was setting the stage for the one stab by Angus' words "He knows when to stop." That's such a strange thing to say when your boss is in the middle of a fight and his upset girlfriend ask you to break it up. The two people (Angus & Arnoldo) who know Gideon more than Eva does on a certain level all got into the limo and left him there, by himself? That part of the story has always made me curious of exactly what Angus could have meant. Especially because Angus is not just Gideon's driver he's also Gideon's bodyguard??? Shouldn't he, you know, guard his body - lol. What do you and others make of that statement?  Also, I  just wanted to through this in on the whole legal matter. The "case" against Gideon makes for great fiction reading, however, in reality it's just as GiGi said, no respectable DA would touch it and here's the simple truth why. DA's have to prove guilt beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt. Defense lawyers don't have to prove anything, they only have to cast doubt - a much easier job.  Just asks the DAs in the Florida v. Anthony case.
  6.  That's a good point, GiGi. Although I don't think it will be Gideon's abuser (I still maintain Gideon has already done something to him) but I think Eva's going to come face to face with someone involved (Maybe Chris Sr. if my theory is correct about him) and it's going to be a point of danger for her in the book. A place where those "mad skills" will come into play. I don't think they were introduced just so she could throw Gideon off of her during one of his nightmares. I could be wrong of course, but I think we're going to see how strong Eva can really be. I think the snippet when she calls Gideon a caveman and tells him she can take care of herself ties in with this! Man, I cannot wait until June 4th.Â
  7. I don't care for "Ace" at all. My grandmother calls my grandfather that and no one wants to be reminded of their grandparents while reading these steamy books. LOL.
  8. Hi LN Cronan,  Okay, this is an area where I can offer my expertise. Until formally charged, Gideon IS free to move about as he pleases. There is no legal law that says a "suspect" can be remanded to his home city by the police. Unless the police want to make an official arrest a person can't be held in that manner. And a person leaving the state is not evidence of guilt. After all, it's not like Gideon has been charged with anything and if the police don't have enough evidence to arrest, then they have nothing to keep him from moving about as he sees fit. It is not the police's job to ensure a conviction, only to offer whatever evidence they can come up with. It is for the courts and the jury to decide if the suspect is guilty or not. Police don't build cases, DA's & ADA's build cases - that's what they're trained to do. Detective are of useful benefit in hitting the streets and gathering witnesses or additional evidence, but cases do not go to trial solely based on what police have to offer. The state has the final say on picking the case up or dismissing it.  Secondly, the police don't know if Eva is a material witness or not and they haven't even questioned her to find out so there's no basis to follow her. There's not even mere speculation based on her answers because she hasn't given any.  There was a mob boss a few years back who had a girlfriend, the police didn't have any reason to bring her in so they weren't able to question her even though it was strongly believed she more than likely had information regarding her shady boyfriend. It's not just the police's word, they needed to provide evidence that the girlfriend had information crucial to the investigation - without that, she was as free as a bird. Hard to prove pillow-talk as evidence the mobster could have been working alone completely without the girlfriend's knowledge. This is the same case with Eva. Doesn't matter that she's the glue that binds - does she know whats sticking to her is the question and can the police prove she knows.  The cops can decide to arrest Gideon at any time at this point - in state or out of state or out of the country - they do it all the time. I've personally made a call to The New Scotland Yard and asked them to pick up a suspect from a hotel in London because we had enough evidence to charge him with murder. Once the paperwork was sent, they pick the man up and detained him until the U.S. Marshals went and picked him up. The suspect was there for a meeting he wasn't hiding or trying to elude arrest. The Marshals are used a lot in non federal cases to pick up suspects that the local police may not be able to locate or don't have the manpower to search without taking away from protecting the city. The FBI would hardly ever be used in a case like this especially when you consider states also have their own form of investigation bureaus such as New York State Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). Who, like the US Marshals, are governed by the Attorney General and that's why the Marshals are used far more frequently than the FBI to apprehend state criminals.  Think about this...Even if Gideon and Eva were still openly seeing each other being photographed together having dinner going to parties - so what? Being someone's boyfriend is a big leap to killing the person who raped the woman years ago. They can't just speculate that because Gideon is Eva's boyfriend of a couple of months he would kill for her. As far as motive is concerned - no case has ever been considered a slam dunk conviction just because the suspect had motive and or means.  Let me give you another example of an acutal case. A man is found dead in his office - one shot to the head. His brother had the most to gain because he would get their shared buisness upon the brother's death to do with as he pleased. But, then it came out that the wife had a large insurance policy and she too had a lot to gain. Both the brother and the wife had a strong motive and the means. The man was shot with a gun that was kept on the family boat that either the wife or the brother could have gotten too. Neither had any witnesses to account for them at the time of the killing. Both said they were home alone. Both suspects lawyered up asap and refused to answer any further questions. What's a DA to do? He could have tried both the wife and the brother and run the risk of a hung jury in both cases because they were equally capable. Or he could have tried them together and said they teamed up to kill the victim. In the end he could do neither; there wasn't enough proof to say either or both did the deed. So for years no one was charged until a mistress popped up in a totally different case. This woman flew under the radar because she had nothing to gain from killing the victim because it was a fling and she was married to someone else and had been for years. This is what the cops surmised so they never turned her over for further investigation. Well, if they had, it would have come out that she killed him simply because she wanted too. That's what she finally confessed to the police and that's what she said in court. She's currently serving life without the possibility of parole. No one knows her motive and it sounds real cold to say - she just felt the need, but sometimes that's the way it goes.  Eva will never know for a fact if Gideon killed Nathan or not. The best she can do is take his word for it if he admits to her he did. She did not see him actually put the knife in Nathan's chest therefore it could be argued by a very savvy lawyer it's hearsay which the judge would have to agree to what's called a hearsay exception for her testimony to be admissable. If this were to happen, the DA would most certainly go after her credibility and this is where things could get tricky for both Eva and Gideon.
  9. LN Cronan,  Do you believe the cops would be so stupid as to not realize Gideon only broke-up with Eva to try to cover up his involvment? I mean like that's never been done before. This is old skool crime novel stuff to add drama to the novel and not really a "real" police investigation. There are way too many holes and outright would never happens to take this seriously. Cops don't have the power to trail people just based on mere suspicion. Police officers have to convince the Chief they have enough evidence to spend man hours following Gideon & Eva around. They have zero evidence on Eva to follow her around. Gideon on the other hand they could justify until challenged by the Mayor, which is usually what rich people get their lawyers to do - make a call to the mayor's office and demand their client either be arrested on left alone. At which case the police either have to anty up or kick rocks.  If the cops really wanted to arrest Gideon they could based on the theory that Gideon killed Nathan to protect Eva. Let Gideon and his lawyer try to convince a court that he didn't. It's not a cop's job to try and cover all aspects of a case only to bring to justice the "most likely of suspects" that's why people like say Casey Anthony walk because the cops had enough to arrest her but not enough evidence to convict her - she was the most likely of all people to have committed the crime - just as Det. Graves has surmised about Gideon, but it's possible for Gideon and his high dollar lawyers to convince the jury he's not guilty because he and Eva broke up - he had no motive - a jury would probably be more likely to buy that excuse than the cops.  On the other hand, an experienced DA would tear both Eva & Corrine apart on the stand and Monica for that matter. The whole case would be out in the open, something I think would push Gideon to confess if it would protect Eva. A smart DA would see that these people are willing to go along way to cover things up - no one would want a public trial with the press stalking your every move and your face being on the cover of the NY Times everyday and TV camera crews - "Billionaire kills Socialites' Rapist Step-Brother" film at eleven.  The DA's opening statement could very well be Gideon Cross killed Nathan to protect his girlfriend Eva Tramell... The only person who is saying they aren't a couple is Gideon and Det. Graves claims she was an eye witness to when that event happened - after Nathan's murder when he was on the phone at the jail with Eva. She wouldn't need Eva's information to testify to that.  And Nathan was trying to blackmail Gideon that's another motive. The fire at his hotel at the same time as Nathan was being murdered is opportunity even if a few people saw him they could not account for him every minute which pokes holes in his no opportunity defense.  The fourth amendment gives people the expectation of reasonable privacy - meaning yes they could follow Gideon around the city in public places without a warrant because there is no expectation of privacy when a person is out in public. They could not stand outside of his door and try to listen to conversations taking place inside his home, office, or hotel room without a warrant issued by a judge. And for that they would need to show probable cause of a crime.  This is not a case that the FBI would be brought into either. If the police couldn't locate Gideon they would call the U.S. Marshals to find him and bring him in and this is by authority of the Attorney General. But, since Gideon has not been charged with a crime he is free to move about as he pleases. Police have not seized his passport - which would require a warrant and that goes back to showing probable cause of a crime - which if Det. Graves has the information she claims she does, she could show probable cause. So "if" the police told him to stick around they have no real basis of saying that other than to try to put pressure on him. If Gideon needed to go to Las Vegas to take care of buisness he could do so without having to notify anyone. He's a free man at the moment. Until the police arrest him and then they would have to prove he's a flight risk and for the judge to set bond either very high or no bond at all and take away his passport.   So, I think in EWY the police are either going to have to arrest him of f-off because at some point it becomes police harassment to continue to investigate him with no real reason towards arrest.  Also, Eva and Gideon were still communicating by phone. All the cops need is a subpoena to get their phone records to show they were still in communication with one another and the cops did find him having a "family" dinner at Eva's house the night they went to inform her of Nathan's death. That's a lot to try and sell to jury that "they" were "broken up." I wouldn't buy it and neither would the cops.  Also think and hope the whole police thing goes away quickly. I think it was only used to show how far Gideon would go for Eva. It's been foreshadowed since BTY when Gideon tells Eva he would do anything for her, kill for her even. So, it's an old trick of the theatre that says when you bring a gun on stage, its got to go off. Well it did and now we get to see the lovers jump another hurdle in their quest for a happy life together. Compelling story-telling at its best - take your characters and put them in difficult situations and have them work their way out while bonding over the experience. Ahh and then they lived Happily Ever After. I can't wait!
  10. This is a really old song from the early 70's by Walter Egan my parents always dance to on their wedding anniversary. It's called "Magnet And Steel" If you're not familar with it, some of the lyrics are:  ...you're so close now I can't let you go and I can't let go. With you I'm not shy, to show the way I feel. With you I might try, my secrets to reveal. For you are a magnet and I am steel.  Another one is Paul McCartney's "Baby I'm Amazed" And Rihanna's "Stay"
  11. I think Trey & Magdalene are at a tie. I say this because of the following: Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They are both desperate for the love and affection of two people who are involved with others. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They both keep putting themselves out there for these people no matter how bad they get hurt. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They are both deluded in thinking some big change is going to happen within the objects of their affections that will lead them to having a happily ever after. Examples - Cary becoming solely gay. Gideon recognizing Madalene is the one he's wanted all this time. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They both have lost their self-worth chasing after people who will never be what they want them to be. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They both are willing to settle for less if they have to to have Cary & Gideon. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They both have tunnel vision on unrealistic goals without any concern for their dignity. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They both have exposed how desperate they are to Eva - I think as a last ditch effort that maybe she would reveal this to Gideon & Cary and they would feel bad and coming running into Trey & Magdalene's arms. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â They're both just downright pathetic and need to get their own lives and their own men.
  12. Okay GiGi, Â Here goes - I agree with you that Gideon could still be using the same coping skills he learned as a child, very plausible. I also agree Eva's love and Gideon's love for her is what is motivating him to change, become a better man. But here's where I have a slightly different thought and you know more about this than I do and could help me understand if it isn't possible. Could Gideon be both a sociopath and a psychopath? Having moments of frantic behavior and moments of total control? Could that be a split in his personality? Not like full blown dissociative personality disorder but another "coping skill" that would have only developed from being repeatedly abused as a child? Â I think about Gideon's believe that he's a dominate - this isn't always true. Examples: Eva topped him in the limo (he freaked out, but she did). Corinne asked him to marry her (that's a woman taking charge of the situation). I think Gideon needs to believe he is a dominate because he was forced to be submissive to his abuser. I don't think he really understands what it is to be a true dominate and this is what causes his behavior to be all over the place at times. When he told Eva they were discovering who he is together, I believe that to be the real truth. I don't think Gideon ever really formed his own identity because of the abuse. I don't think he learned how to love or be loved. I think that's why he gives off slight moments of being a narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, loving, child like, and powerful because nothing is truly fully developed. Â And, I think that's why readers see him in different views so much because he's a complicated mix of a little bit of everything. Being abuse at an age when children are discovering who they are must have affected his ability to become his own man and thus he has become whatever he needs to be to survive. Gideon points this out himself on a regular basis every time Eva mentions that someone's got a crush or something on him. His first words are always "what does she know about me?" A better question is, what does he know about himself. I think his deep love for Eva is he wants to be the man he sees in her eyes but he doesn't know how to get there yet and is afraid he'll never get the chance because of his past possibily scarring her off. What say ye Ladies?
  13. I agree! That's exactly what I said last week in the Vidal Sr. thread. I really think this is who Vidal Sr. is at the truth of it all.
  14. Wow GiGi, Â You have given me a lot to think about. I really want to think about some points you mentioned that I hadn't thought about before so let me get back to you later today with a response!
  15.  Dr. Lucas' opinion isn't colored by anything other than the truth of Gideon's own actions. We don't know if Gideon treated other women like he did Anne or not and feeling remorse means little after the fact when you're still treating the man who's wife you messed up like crap. Obviously screwing Dr. Lucas' wife wasn't enough for Gideon to let it go and reason he tried to exact revenge and it backfired.  Even Eva recognized that Gideon would do it again - no remorse in that. My red flag goes up when a person makes themselves the victim of their own wrong doings i.e. and I paraphrase here - "Dr. Lucas alienated me from my family" and "I couldn't get clean after I messed up Anne's head." Poor baby, imagine how dirty that woman must have felt. And..."I realized I couldn't sleep overnight with Corinne" yet he led (by not saying anything) her on for two years and I'm pretty sure he's leading her on now. And he couldn't even bring himself to break it off with her after his ah-hah moment - that's just plain old messed up. He may not be telling her he loves her now and they're going to be together, but he's allowing her to think something that can't be true - otherwise she wouldn't spend so much time with him. She is aware of his ways and probably thinks Gideon is just being his closed off self like in the past. That's his best weapon with these women - silence - and he knows it.    And yes it's possible that Corinne could be making up all kinds of delusions in her head and not hearing Gideon, but a man who made himself into a zillonaire at the age of 28 doesn't see this and know that he's creating a bigger problem for himself and Eva. If Corinne is that delusional what's to keep her from being dangerous - fatal attraction anyone?  I still stand in the camp that Gideon's moral compass only started spinning in the right direction when he fell in love with Eva. Don't get me wrong, I love Gideon and very much want him and Eva to have a happy ending - they both deserve it. I'm just saying that I think there is a lot of dark stuff that Gideon's gotta own up to and work through before they can truly be happy.   And killing one person may not make you a serial killer, but do we really want to start quantifying murderers by number of kills? That's like saying a person is less of a murderer because he used a knife instead of a gun. A killer is a killer. And anyone who does it once is capable of doing it again - it's only a matter of their choice.
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