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  1. Trying to catch up on here. I am way behind. I really hope we get some news soon about when the next book is coming out. It has been almost a year:(
  2. Thanks Sylvia for the information. Hope you are feeling better!
  3. Â Â I agree. i think that Michael is abusive.Â
  4. Â Â Gideon has a hard time opening up to therapists. I think he will stick with the one he already has.
  5. Liz originally liked Eva. It wasn't till after Eva accused her that she became frosty towards her. I think the only reason Liz would like Corrine is because Corrine is clueless and just plays the part.
  6. Â Â I think Lizzie wanted Gideon to keep the Cross name so that she always had a part of her first husband. She is selfish like that.
  7. Well said. And i agree that would totally go against the person we have known Gideon to be.
  8. I agree with you. The journey is going to be difficult but i think they will go on it together. With many heated arguments and lots of sex.
  9. Â Â I think Monica being pregnant again would be disastrous. i think that Victor needs to move on, once and for all.
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