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  1. Hi Sheens, I think we agree, Eva doesn't have enough info on Chris Sr. to really form a decision... But she is definitely watching and gathering information :-)
  2. I agree he does look more like Christian Gray than Charlie does.
  3. I saw a super similar skirt from a different store that was way more affordable.... Actually my husband pointed it out to me for work...
  4. I don't think Gideon minds Eva looking at Cary. I think Gideon feels connected to Eva when they are looking into each others eyes. I think Gideon also has a better grasp on the situation or can judge how Eva is feeling/thinking when he is looking into her eyes. I always love it when Sylvia stops by to share with us :-)
  5. Sorry, I seriously doubt Monica is pregnant. I have a feeling Monica is either on birth control or she has had a tubal ligation or hysterectomy. Look at how concerned about her calories and figure. She is NOT going to risk that for a second unplanned pregnancy.
  6. I think that may be an initial reaction, but Cary is observant and I bet he will have noticed or will notice the positive changes in the relationship and interactions between Gideon and Eva. Also Cary has said he will support Eva's choices as long as she is happy. Plus Cary l-o-v-e-s to be in on a secret, especially with his best friend
  7. My thoughts on the "learning from mistakes line" have to do with their actions at this function compared to the past functions they attended together. At this function Eva stayed with Gideon when get was talking business instead of "running off". Also Gideon stayed with Eva when she was with her bosses. Then they danced together. No disappearing or searching for each other. And they communicated with each other when they did leave the other for something.
  8. I am also not on fb... Thank you so much for sharing :-)
  9. For some reason I had the impression Eva was undecided on Chris Sr.
  10. There have been times when I do wonder what time Chris Sr. Played as an adult in the life of Gideon. He seems to try (by being neutral - not taking sides) but he also seems to not be an involved parent?
  11. His eyes are so gorgeous in this picture....
  12. Hi Sylvia, Thank you for the post of the cover snippet. And for the reply with clarification on the Amazon UK dates. We love you and your books and Gideon & Eva. We are totally looking forward to #4, 5 &.... Thank you again ! ! !
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