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  1. I am excited that the book will finally be out. Has anyone read the Outlander series?  I love the way Diana Gabaldon writes. As much as I love the relationship of Gideon and Eva, the relationship between Claire and Jamie is one I feel I became a part of while reading it. The audiobooks are the best ones I ever heard also. The narrator, Davina Porter is fantastic doing all the voices.Â
  2. My son just called me to say that my book cami in the mail, from amazon. I'm in Europe and hoping to be able to so the down load tomorrow morning. I'm flying from Paris to Florence, and would love to read it on the plane. Keeping fingers crossed. This forum has been wonderful waiting for the book to arrive. Can't wait to see what everyone thinks when we are done.
  3. Oh yes! I could look at that all night!
  4. Which, oh which building could they be having the fun in. I'm guessing they could have fun in every building he owns!
  5. I'm thinking he's not very fond of her. I don't think he is able to be as forgiving as Eva. She is always making excuses for her mother. It's time she stopped the excuses. Eva's guilt over her mothers guilt is ridiculous. Eva shouldn't have to walk on egg shells around her mother because her mother was blind to what was happening for 4 years. I'm ranting. Monica infuriates me.
  6. I'm sure Gideon has Eva's phone tracked. It is so easy to do these days. I'm sure she's figured that out by now also. It will be fantastic if at some point we get a better look into Gideon's mind and thought process.
  7. Â Very funny! Â I will have to keep that in mind! Thanks. Â I'm very excited.
  8. I am praying that I'm able to download my pre-order on my iPad. I'll be in Italy on the 4th, on vacation. I will have my husband bring the book copy that I also pre-ordered when he meets up with me in Rome on the 7th. I will have to stay off this website if I can't download the book. Oh, the stress is killing me.
  9. This chapter by far was the saddest so far. Gideon's reaction towards Eva throughout this chapter was heart breaking. I have a feeling he was imaging not having a future with Eva because of everything he has done up to this point. Her broken heart is killing him.
  10. Thank you, Kirsten, for the post. Hopefully someone from this thread will win.
  11. Could it be possible that the women he saw socially were brunettes only and the women he was involved with se***lly were anything. I would think if he was seen in public with women they were not the women he was taking to the bedroom.
  12. I wonder if Sylvia Day is a fan of the movie "The Wedding Date". The line "I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else" Is a great line and very similar to one from that movie. I loved it in the movie also.
  13. Very nice. Sounds more perfect for the role every day!
  14. He is so hot and definitely my picture of Gideon!!!!
  15. Â Â Has David Gandy ever acted? Â I think he is just a model.
  16. Eva was so convinced after seeing Corrine leaving the Crossfire that something had happened between Corrine and Gideon because of Corrine's appearance. I find that interesting because whenever Eva and Gideon were intimate he always made sure she was presentable. He would have never let Eva leave his office looking like they just were just very intimate.
  17. Good question. Â I guess I read to deeply into the whole thing. Â
  18. I agree. Â I don't think Matt Bomer can truly pull off Gideon. Â I also think he is to small to pull it off. Â I think Henry Cavill is great. Â I picture him as Gideon whenever I think of someone playing Gideon. Â I don't think his british accent would be a problem. Â There are plenty of actors that play accents that are not their own.
  19. When Eva returns from lunch, she sees Gideon's care parked outside the Crossfire building. Â She assumes he just returned from lunch. Â How could he have returned from lunch, when he was still in his office when she was leaving for her lunch. Â He must take the shortest lunches. Â She only has an hour. Â
  20. Do we know for a fact that Corrine and Gideon's relationship took place years ago? Also, do we know when Gideon made it big? He may have been very big in the high society while he was still with Corrine.
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