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  1. Dear Sme, I totally agree with everything you said, but it does not really matter as we cant control anything... Anyway after  all it is just a book... Xx
  2. Hello everyone! I am not new to this forum, but haven't posted in a while... anyway as all of us I am so much looking forward to more Gideon and Eva, I can't wait... I've just started to think that maybe Sylvia is going to surprise us giving us book 4 and 5 together and that is maybe why we are waiting this long? Or maybe I am just dreaming? Am I the only one to think that? Let me know your thoughts!!!
  3. Hi, hope you will all have a nice Christmas and new year! Just a question as I have not been on this forum for a long time... Does anyone know why LN CRONAN does not write anymore? I used to really enjoy her posts and I can't seem to find any recent one which I found quite strange... Thank you!
  4. Hi, hope you will all have a nice Christmas and new year! Just a question as I have not been on this forum for a long time... Does anyone know why LN CRONAN does not write anymore? I used to really enjoy her posts and I can't seem to find any recent one which I found quite strange... Thank you!
  5. Ok, I admit I did not know your publishers in detail, so thank you for the clarification. I know very well that it is not you delaying it so I never thought ill of your motives. As you said it is very frustrating not having in sight book number 4 especially with all the messed up waiting for number 3, but I guess we will have to deal with that!
  6. Dear all, I have not been writing on this forum for long. Now I read CBY is maybe coming out in May. True or not I only wish to say that if I was the publisher I would probably delay and delay because in the meantime I would sell so many other books from Sylvia to all the desperate CRossfire fans that are waiting. Truth is I would have never read a few other books from SYlvia if I wasn't waiting and waiting and desperate for more EVa and GIdeon. As much as I enjoyed EVa and GIdeon now I am really fed up with the waiting and I feel fooled. After all this waiting the expectations will be so
  7. Gideon Cross 11+1=12+1=13 Eva Tramell Reyes Cross 12 Victor Reyes  10 Monica Stanton 10 Cary Taylor 10 Dr. Petersen 10 Nathan Barker 10 Tatiana Cherlin10 Mark Garrity Scott (Gideon’s assistant) Steven Ellison Shawna Ellison Elizabeth Cross Vidal 10 Christopher Vidal Sr. 10 Christopher Vidal Jr. 10 Ireland Vidal 10 Parker Smith 10 Daniel (lastname unknown) Anne Lucas  9 Terrance Lucas 10 Brett Kline10 Megumi 10 Magdalene Perez 10 Michael Waters 10 Christine Fields 10 Walter Leaman 10 Angus McLeod10 Clancy (last name unknown) 10 Arnoldo Ricci 10 Martin Stanton 11 Corinne Giroux 7-1=6-1=
  8. Wow, Angel of mine for the last one is perfect!
  9. I like "for the love of you".... Very fitting...
  10. Hello everyone, hope you are all ok and re-re-re- re reading EWY as I am... sorry I did not write for a few days, life is a bit hectic at the moment, but EWY is on my bedside table and I read some every night, no matter what else I am reading the last bit before I sleep is from Sylvia... I love the leaking the wedding to Deanna scenario! Hope it plays out that way... I would love the last two books with not much drama, at least the last one and I can't take even a single day of separation for our couple after all the days we had in RIY. I am sooo looking forward to reading the 4th, hope we
  11. My top favourite line is "if souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined" It is just one of Eva's thoughts, but it is such a nice one... many many other favourite line, but this is the first that comes to my mind...
  12. Mmm... so many interesting things I read here I would like to comment... First of all WELCOME to new members, I am fairly new myself and it is very nice to be able to chat about it here and everyone is so nice in this forum I think! - Brett... I like the guy and I hope I won't be disappointed with him. The only possible way I won't be disappointed with him is if he backs off as soon as he knows Eva is engaged/married with Gideon (once Eva is able to tell him). Eva has to be stronger in her dealing with him though, I was very upset when she invited him to her flat, come on Eva! - Victor/Moni
  13. Random thoughts... 1- the more i think about it the more i think clancy is behind the bracelet 2- corinne ( from now i will call her SB as in super-b...) must have known she was pregnant, come on Gideon, you cant be so naive!!! 3- i think tatiana is not really pregnant or if she is she will loose the baby.... 4- i cant stand elizabeth and lucas before corinne because they damaged a child and that to me is unforgivable. Corinne is a sb, but at least she does behave like that because she is in love with gideon and she is not dealing with a child... Gideon could just see she is manipulative
  14. I hope Clancy gave Gideon  a "free out of jail ticket"! At least it would be a "friend" and not one more problem... The bracelet was a plot twist I really liked, well done to Sylvia!  Now this is the list of the characters I most hate in order: 1- (most hated)- Elizabeth 2- Lucas 3- Corinne 4- Christopher jr 5- Deanna  Most loved: 1- Eva, Gideon 2- Victor (ok, he should have not slept with Monica, but I think he was overwhelmed...) 3- Cary 4- Angus 5- Clancy
  15. Hi LN CRONAN ! yes the tableau one dinner really infuriated me as well! (Not as much as Corinne's attempted suicide, but close). You are probably right about Brett. While I really don't like Corinne, I like Brett so far, but I just felt that if he left at least our couple would have had  one less thing to deal with!!! (and now that Eva is going with Cary to visit Victor and Brett is there on tour something else will happen, oh dear!) I have so many things that I want to discuss...
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