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  1. I totally agree. Whilst waiting for my approval for this page I read every single post!! Even from the previous books, it was alot of reading and so much fun! Not trying to discourage new posts in anyway but previous discussions did at very deep and we had some really good posts from certain people who are no longer about. You are actually really missing out on some good insight into the books by not going back to read over them!
  2. I know!! I am so grateful for this place and finding all my lovely angels!!
  3. Couldn't agree more Julie!! Not being rude ladies but sometimes when I read these posts I want to shout at my computer "IT'S NOT REAL!!!!" I know we are all emotionally attached to Gideon and Eva's story but lets keep the forum a nice happy and light hearted place for everyone to post on!! ðŸ˜Å
  4. Thanks for this Sylvia!! I actually felt sick reading that quote because I so want Gideon and Eva to get the happy ever after they both deserve so much!! I know it's going to be a long and bumpy journey for them and I can't wait! I am literally counting down to when I get the new book in my hands!!
  5. Welcome to our forum!! We're all obsessed with Gideva I'm sure you'll fit right in!!
  6. I guarantee that Gideon will have completed a background check on dr Petersen before he started therapy!! He would have discovered any link I'm sure!
  7. I really enjoyed the Stark series too. You have to go in with a clear head tho and try not to compare to Crossfire. But as someone mentioned the language and sex is quite blunt lol!
  8. They are my choice too! I honestly can't see Henry doin it he's just about to start filming the man from uncle!
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