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    reading, talking, listening to music (rock and indie) and I am crazy in love with The Libertines, Motley Crue Oasis and The Smiths
  1. live outside your head, live inside a song. :)

  2. I've just been browsing through the different threads on this forum and I noticed there was nothing wrote about The Stranger I Married. Personally it was one of my favourite books for a number of reasons, the overall one being how much Gray fights for Pel. It would have been easy for him to give up and find someone else but he fought for what he wanted. . Also he's hot as ! haha! I picture him a bit like Gideon too in certain way's Sylvia describes him. Also we got the bonus of Rhys (Pel's brother) & Abbey's story in the book. . I also like Pel aka Isabel because she stands for no nonsen
  3. I must say Jax is one of my favourite guy's Sylvia has wrote. What can I say? I must just love a filthy talking business man. ;)
  4. Hi GiGi! I am having an awesome time reading these threads and joining in. . Thank you. :)
  5. I love your music choices Betty, they're really fitting.:)
  6. JeanMarie I wonder what Gideon's big secret is?! I really can't wait for these two books I'm desperate to see what's going on and hopefully see Gideon and Eva have the happy ending they deserve. . I think Cary might have a problem with Gideon and Eva might feel like she has to choose between them or something? :(
  7. I like this theory, it could make sense to alot of things. I think the sex tape is going to come out or Gideon is going to watch it because Eva was making such a big deal over him not watching it. I also think one of Gideon's nightmares might spiral out of control because so far Eva has managed to escape unharmed, this could then lead to a number of things going wrong.Also Brett & Eva still have chemistry so I doubt that's going to die out just because she got married, Brett is always her fall back if something is going wrong with Gideon. I also really hope Gideon and Ireland sort their re
  8. if you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long.

  9. Hi everyone. My personal choice for Gideon Cross is Henry Cavill (who seems to be a popular choice) . He's tall, muscular and has long dark hair and amazing hair. haha. My choice for Eva (apart from me .. ) would be Scarlet Johannson she's super cute and has the right figure. . Just a suggestion for the soundtrack a few tracks off Lana Del Ray's album would be perfect, her voice is amazing and her songs are the right mix of slow/ romantic and sexy. :D
  10. Hi everyone my name is Vikki, I'm new to the forum so I haven't a clue what I'm doing yet! haha. I live in Northumberland and I am crazy in love with rock & roll. I've joined because I've read and enjoyed every single book by this kick Arse author and I need people to share the love with. . lol. My top three Day hunks are Gideon (obvs ), Jax & Gerrard Grayson.♥ I'm the most easy going person ever so if you's have anything to ask or just want to talk then fire away! . I look forward to talking to you's. . xx
  11. Gideon Cross ♥

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