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I have read the Crossfire books and would just like to thank Sylvia for having conjured up Gedeon, Eva and Cary out of thin air. I loved how their complex relationships were woven into such a rich fabric... it was not the amazing sex scenes only that kept me going: I wept over them, I laughed with them and thrived in their hopes for happiness. I haven't been this reading addicted for quite a long time, and I'm looking forward to having the third instalment on my nighstand. CIAO!!!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Jen and I am 29 from Los Angeles. I feel in love with Sylvia's writing just recently. I was astonished that there was a fantastic adult novel that was really well written! The most exciting part for me when reading the Crossfire Series was that it felt realistic (as crazy as that may sound). I am really excited to meet some more Sylvia Fan's and discuss these great books!

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Hello from England!


This is the first time I have ever taken part on a forum/chat,so here goes!! 


I love the Crossfire books, I have read them countless times and leant them to friends to read! I fell in love with Gideon (of course) and also really like Eva (which is rare for me, as usually the female leads in books are wishy washy and have weak personalities, Eva is different)  Just wanted to say hi to everyone and who knows,I may make new friends around the world.


Roll on the next book! x

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Hello from Northern Ontario, Canada :) 


I've been reading around the forum the last couple of days and you all seem so wonderful and I was enjoying reading the posts.

I actually happened across Bared to You by chance, and I've been hooked by Eva and Gideon's story ever since. 


I'm really looking forward to spending time here and getting to know other fans!



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Hi everyone my name is Vikki, I'm new to the forum so I haven't a clue what I'm doing yet! haha. I live in Northumberland and I am crazy in love with rock & roll. :) I've joined because I've read and enjoyed every single book by this kick Arse author and I need people to share the love with. :D . lol. My top three Day hunks are Gideon (obvs :P ), Jax & Gerrard Grayson.♥ I'm the most easy going person ever so if you's have anything to ask or just want to talk then fire away! :). I look forward to talking to you's. :) . xx

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Hi all  :) , 

I am so happy to of found this community forum, and i am enjoying reading all the posts :D . I loved reading the Crossfire Series  :wub: . I hope to see you around and thanks for having me  :) 

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