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  1. This could totally be far fetched, but if Christopher was always emulating Gideon, but also had jealousy issues, could it be that when they were both being abused (and I do believe it was both of them) that Gideon was getting more attention from Hugh and that too made Christopher angry.  We know that what Hugh was "teaching" Gideon was things of a more mature nature,  assuming that wasn't what he was teaching Christopher since he was so much younger.  Could it be that by Christopher denying it, he was also getting back at Gideon for once again getting more attention (from Hugh this time) and this was yet another way to act out, by discrediting Gideon's claim.  Also at the age of 5 maybe Christopher wasn't really self-aware enough to know that what Hugh was doing, wasn't appropriate.  At the present time, possibly part of Christopher's anger towards Gideon is the repressed feelings, maybe even guilt, of holding this secret in for all these years and knowing that Gideon spoke up and he never could. Â
  2. I am a bit confused, so please accept my apology, however it seems like some people on here seem upset that we are just hearing about Grey and that it is being released really soon. Â I was THRILLED when I heard about this, I personally, really hate when we hear about an upcoming book that is months and months away. Â I would rather hear about it when it is only a couple weeks or even a month away. Â The waiting game is hard, but it's even harder when we do get a date and it is in the far future. Â Please explain why the quick release is such a bad thing. Also, I think that Erica (E.L. James) and Sylvia have a good relationship and that Sylvia would want her own spotlight and allow Erica her's as well. Â I wouldn't see it as a competition.Â
  3. Â I have refrained from commenting (too much) in here about my feelings on the movie, because frankly I have too many. Â Let me preface my statement by saying that I realize that there is NO way that the movie could do the books justice, for the pure fact that each of these books was quite long and the movie is only a couple hours long. Â However, one of the things that disappointed me was the lack of character development and one of my favorite characters (and I think many others) is Taylor. Â He is an extremely important person in Christian's life (like Angus is to Gideon) and soon became one in Ana's also. Â If I am recalling correctly, Taylor was not acknowledged much in the movie and was only in a handful of scenes. Â Â Can you imagine a Crossfire TV Show or Movie without Angus? Â
  4. Â Â In previous threads we have discussed the question of where Monica and Eva lived when Eva was a baby. Â If I recall correctly, it was agreed upon by readers that it was not in the SD (San Diego) area nor was it in NY. Â When Eva first got to NY, it was a foreign place to her, she hadn't been there (assuming other than visiting her Mom and Stanton) and was just learning the area. Â Many times in the 4 books she calls NY "her adopted home" and talks about not knowing her way around. Â Also we know that when she went to college at SDSU, that she WENT there and wasn't already there. Â We also know that going there got her away from Monica. Â Â However we know that Monica and Victor met (duh, they did have a baby) and the assumption is that Victor and Monica met in CA, since there is nothing that leads us to think that Victor moved and went anywhere. Â We also know that growing up, Eva and Victor didn't have a close, in proximity or in visitation, relationship to each other. Â So I am assuming that they lived either somewhere else in CA or maybe somewhere else on the westcoast.
  5. - She is in her 40's - She has been married 3 times - She has one child - She came from money
  6. As I am re-listening to the book, a few questions came to me today and I wanted to bring them up.  -Why was Brett back in NY when he and Eva met at Bryant park? Was it because of the re-shooting that needed to be done. Eva realized that the band was on tour and in order for Brett to be in NY it had to be band related.  -Since Ann Lucas was not on the guest list the night of the party when she approached Eva, it was presummed that she was someone's plus one. Do you think that there is any way that she would have been Elizabeth Vidal's guest that night?  -Why is Ann so mad at Gideon? When he goes to her office to confront her, she just seems downright spiteful and full of hatred. It can't be because of their relationship, because she didn't lose anything (namely her Husband) from it. So what is her deal?
  7. Â Sscrph, Â You did a great job explaining. Â I did enjoy Jeremy, but his voice (being a man obviously) is so much different than Jill's and I am use to the Jill's Eva, Jill's Gideon and Jill's everyone else. Â It was hard getting use to Jeremy's voice and hearing him narrate the book, but thankfully it didn't take anything away from enjoying the book. Â
  8. I have been thinking a lot about Corrinne and the book.  As I listened to and read the sit down that she and Gideon had at Tableau One, someone kept hitting me.  I don't think that Corrinne neccesarily wants her diary and whatever else she wrote, to be turned into a book.  What she wants is Gideon to read it and remember "their love," and to get closure.  By getting published, it doesn't guarantee that Gideon or Eva will ever read it.  The smarter thing, if her true goal is for Gideon to read it, would be to take his offer pending that he actually reads the book.  If she really is a private person, why would she open herself up, knowing that is a chance her might just have Arash or someone else read it to fact check the book.
  9. Â Sharon, Â Sorry that I didn't make my comment/question clearer. Â I do realize that Clancy is married, I was thinking more of a child like care than romantic. Â What I was trying to get to the bottom of whether Clancy's feelings of care for were because it is his "job" since she is Stanton's step-daughter or was he doing it because he himself cares, maybe even loves (like a child) Eva. Â I agree that he probably does feel guilt for what happened to Cary. Â As far as I am concerned Angus is a HUGE reason Gideon is the man that he is, I love how dedicated both Clancy and Angus are to their respective jobs and I think the families that they work for know how lucky they are to have such strong men.
  10. Hi,  I finally finished reading CBY but I am still listening to it.  I just read/skimmed (PHEW) through everything posted and thought a lot about what everyone said.  I have a few thoughts/questions myself.  -I loved hearing about Gideon's love and admiration for his Father, that was truly touching and humanizing.  -Ireland was a bright spot in this book, I loved how she turned to Gideon at times when she needed him, I loved that she harassed and teased him, but mostly I love that she loved him for him.  He hasn't has much of any part of the last 17 years of her life, but it shows the kind heart that she does have, to just except him and to teach him how to be a brother.  It also shows Gideon's true heart that he is opening himself up to her and allowing himself to love someone, especially a family member.  -I have a huge amount of respect for Chris, like someone else said, he never questioned what Eva told him, he believed her immediately. I do not believe for one moment that he had any prior knowledge of the abuse.  He and Gideon have seemed to always get along and have a mutual respect for each other.  Where I am confused about, is why did he leave Elizabeth?  I think that staying together, he could help educate Elizabeth and help her heal herself and her relationship with Gideon.  I have always felt that the reason that Elizabeth believed Dr. T Lucas and never dealt with the reality of Gideon's abuse was because she was hurting too much and knowing that she allowed this to happen to her son was too much to accept and handle.  I think that Chris could do AMAZING things and I felt disappointed that he walked away from her.  -As for Magdalene and Corrine, I loved the Maggie we are seeing now.  She seems more mature, more settled, more confident and happier.  I really hope that she and Eva continue to grow closer, it means a lot to Gideon and I think she can be a wonderful friend and confidant for the two of them.  As for Corrine, she makes me sad.  I am still confused if she is or is no getting a divorce.  I also don't know what her book would be about, she and Gideon dated in college, from what we know their relationship was one of convenience and timing.  If I understand correctly, the only "kinky" encounters Gideon had (prior to Eva) was with Anne, so Corrine has nothing seething and dirty to report, again they were college students.  -I was disappointed in Gideon when he commented to himself, something along the lines, of waiting or hoping that Eva will realize that Cary is not good for her.  Whether Gideon likes or gets along with Cary or not, he knows the importance that Cary plays in Eva's life.  He knows that Cary is like her brother, I have commented in here before that I am not sure Cary is always the best friend to Eva and I still believe that, however friends are there for the long haul, just like every relationship there are good and bad times.  -When Gideon went to restaurant to talk to Clancy, it made me wonder about Clancy and his feelings/relationship with Eva.  Is Clancy looking after Eva because Stanton told him to and it is job?  Is Clancy looking after Eva for Monica, knowing that Monica is Stanton's heart? OR is Clancy looking after Eva for himself?  From the moment we met Clancy, we could tell that he had a soft spot for Eva, he defended her many times and the two of them seemed to have a special relationship.  -Lastly, I loved learning more about the people in Gideon's life.  Good, bad or indifferent, it was great seeing the people who make up his business and professional life.
  11. Hi,  I wanted to come in here really quickly and saw "Thank you" to those of you that have posted in HERE. I am about half way through CBY (chapterwise) and logged onto this page yesterday. I was frustrated, hurt and angry to see that some people have made posts and threads, regarding things in CBY outside of the spoiler thread. I am a very slow reader because I like to enjoy what I am reading and absorb the material. Just like everyone else, I am a huge fan of both Sylvia Day and this series and have waiting a long time (with all of you) to read this book. I haven't looked in this specific thread since Monday night, knowing that many of Sylvia's fellow fans live outside of the states or on the eastcoast and were able to get this book before me. I want to be able to enjoy this book and have everything be new to me as I read it, just as I am assuming you all wanted the same thing.  I cannot wait to finish the book and join in on your conversation and add my thoughts, but in the meantime, I am enjoying the book. Since there are some people that cannot follow the "rules" and keep their posts and threads spoiler free, I will not be returning to this site for fear that more of this book will be spoiled for me. Again thank you so much to those of you that are true fans and have kept your word to not ruin it for the rest of us.   One thing that I can add to this thread, In chapter 1 when Gideon was talking about his Dad. He said "My Father was a criminal who'd destroyed countless lives. He was also the man that taught me to ride a bike and to sign my name with pride." We all knew that Gideon loved his Dad, but this hit me hard, it shows the mature side of a little boy who loved, respected and misses his Dad.  If you would like to, please feel free to send me a private message, I would love to hear from you.
  12. Â This makes me a little nervous. I am one of those people that has both read and listened to this series. Â I have really high hopes and hope that he does Gideon justice. Â We all know how hard is when a Narrator doesn't do a book justice. Â
  13. SSCRP, I think you could be right about the party. Â It seems that the previous books have all ended with a party/event, that you could be on to something there. Â
  14. This is SUPER far fetched, but I am listening to EWY getting ready for tomorrow and something just hit me. I am listening to Brett talking about his bandmates as he, Ava and Cary are off to the Time Square video release and he mentions that Lance hooked up with a girl last time they were in town and Chris (I think that was his name) is going through some stuff. Do you think that maybe Megumi, is the "connected" to one of the guys? The timing seems similar and the story of the being busy and commitment phobic issues, could easily match. Again I know this is super far fetched, but it just hit me.
  15. Â I agree, I really like Arash also he seems like a good friend and trusted "employee" to Gideon. Â I just naturally assumed since he took care of the Pre-nup and wedding filing that he knows about Nathan. Â I like Arnaldo too, but I hope he doesn't keep pressing Gideon about Ava. Â I would hate for there to be an issue there. Â I feel like both men know a lot about Gideon and/or his relationship with Ava, but know completely different things. Â I am still listening to all three books again and realized that I can't think of a time when Gideon met Trey. Â I know he met Tatiana (GROSS) but don't remember him meeting Trey. Â Also, I am trying for the life of me to figure out what is going on with Megumi and am totally stumped. Â I have read everyone's thoughts and tried to figure out my own, but I am coming up blank.
  16. I am so excited to be in here and to have "new" things to discuss. Â There are a few things that I want to comment one, but I will stick to just two. Â One old and one new. Â As I am re-listening (I have read and listened multiple times to the 3 books) to EWY, I am finding myself (for the 1st time) frustrated with Cary. Â I know that Cary and Eva have a relationship like no other, but I can't help but be frustrated with his lack of support with Eva regarding Gideon ESPECIALLY when you consider how inconsiderate Cary is by having both Trey and Tatiana (ICK) around, often times on the same day. Â Eva has yet to really trash talk either T or T and has put up with Cary's BS of juggling the both T and T. Â Eva has even gone as far as to try to help him see the pros and cons of both of them and help Trey to understand Cary. Â I Â feel like maybe for the small things Cary isn't such a great friend as often as he should be. Â I personally would hate having a roommate that is in a relationship and juggling two different people. Â As for the new part, I am not sure I can explain this, but here goes. Â Regarding Eva and needing closure with Brett, I get it. Â I am married now and still part of wants a relationship with my first love. Â I have NO desire to have a romantic/physical relationship with him, but part of me wants him to see/know that he didn't break me, he didn't ruin my life and that I am doing just fine without him even though he hurt me really bad. Â I think for Eva, even though Brett and her had a weird kind of relationship, it still meant something to her. Â She was in a difficult phase of her life, but she always cared, maybe even loved Brett and he hurt her. Â Maybe for Eva the closure she needs could only come when she was with her true love, because that gave her the backbone and proof to know that what she and Brett had was real and true at the time, but it will never be what she and Gideon have. Â Also maybe she needs to see Brett, be around him and allow herself to feel what she feels and prove to herself that her love for Gideon is so much more than superficial or appearance, that it is real and strong and that being around other attractive men means nothing anymore because she has the real thing now. Â PHEW...I think I got it all out.Â
  17. Â This is really surprising to be. Â I cannot believe that the Publisher has released this prior to when the Author wanted it released. Â I do not know much about publishing, but knowing the uproar previously. Â I am surprised.
  18. I think this picture might be my favorite. Â They look so completely blissful and in a state of domesticity, where they are working together as a team. Â I cannot wait to see if the redesign is the penthouse, vacation home, office or something else.
  19. Â I agree, I am sure at some point Elizabeth and Monica met Socially, but I do find it odd that they have never (as far as we know) "met" since Eva and Gideon became a couple. Â I know in other posts (I am not sure the official name for the different sections) we have discussed how the two would get along, knowing how Protective and fiercely loyal Monica is to Eva and how Elizabeth (currently) cannot stand Eva. Â I can only imagine that it would be quite the "meeting" between very prominate women who's polarity of Eva is so different. Â For what it's worth, I really hope Monica gives it to Elizabeth and sets her straight.
  20. Â I agree, I think that as much anger as Christopher has for Gideon, I believe that Christopher still looks up to his brother and respects him in a way that only a younger brother can of their older brother. Â When I first read the snippet and before I read other's thoughts on this board, I immediately thought that the bruises and marks on Gideon were either from his personal training sessions or maybe even a sparring session with a friend or workout partner as a way to get some aggression out. Â I do not see Gideon allowing himself to get in a fight (one that would leave bruises at least), not to mention that he does have Angus who is never far away as "security."
  21. Â Â When I read the teaser, I definately read it as something that Victor was saying to Eva during a conversation.
  22. Â I feel like I am missing something. Â What do you mean "both books coming out at the same time?" Â Was it announced that Captivated By You and the 5th book would be released together?
  23. Â HMMM That is interesting information and the name is unique enough that I doubt it is a coincidence. Â Sports Anchor though, that is interesting. Â I am not quite sure how sports all fit into this. Â
  24. Â Â Â I don't think that there is ANY chance that Gideon would ever take his own life. Â He feels anger (I am not sure what the right word is) towards his Dad for doing such an act and plus I don't think that he was ever really depressed. Â People commit suicide for many different reasons, but depression is usually involved and of all the darkness we have seen that he feels, depression has never really been part of that darkness. Â The darkness has been anger, pain, loneliness, sorrow, etc. Â Now that he has Eva, he would never do anything to hurt her and killing himself would devastate her and he knows that.
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