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  1. Â Â Loving the teasers, brings back memories when we were all trying to figure out Entwined Teasers, can't wait for the next one <3Â
  2. Well Said Kirsten  I am sorry Tbidwell but what you said was aggressive, I as a member of this site find your tone to Sylvia aggressive and very disrespectful she is the author, she writes the books we all love and we have to wait for her to finish the series and be happy with it, regardless of how frustrated we all get as we love these characters, it takes time and let's face it no one wants the book to come out and have a naff ending do we.  We all say what was said a few weeks back and I hate to remind you but you said a while back you were not writing anything more on this site again.  Why don't we just let Sylvia get on with her book.  I for one can't wait to meet her this year when she comes to my home country for the Edinburgh Author Event, that will be one of the highlights of my year  Sheena
  3. Sylvia I think we would all love that as well, I take it there is no way we can twist your arm here LOL
  4. I love the snippets I must say that and I the books and just can't wait to read more of Gideon and Eva Â
  5. Thanks Sylvia, Â Can't wait to read more Gideon, you have been hiding him away too long from us we are all pining for him now
  6. Ssrph and Kirsten I think this is a good idea, now all we need to know is when the book will come out LOL
  7. Aww Kirsten you sure know how to brighten up a person's day <3 ya
  8. Gideon Cross 77 Eva Tramell Reyes Cross 77 Victor Reyes 77 Cary Taylor 31 Ireland Vidal 30 Angus McLeod 32 + 1 = 31 Benjamin Clancy 31-1=30 Arnoldo Ricci 42+1=43    RIP List  Nathan Barker RIP Gideon Cross Corinne Giroux R.I.P 02/07/2013 azmich Anne Lucas R.I.P. 06/07/2013 Rogue Tatiana Cherlin RIP 7/7/2013 shazScott1980 Deanna Johnson RIP 7/8/13 Barb55 Brett Kline RIP 7/11/13 Barb55 Terence Lucas RIP 7/12/2013 ShazScott1980 and GiGi too Sam Yimara RIP 7/12/2013 Rogue Christopher Vidal jr 7/15/2013 ShazScott1980 Jean Francois Giroux RIP 7/16/13 Barb55 Shelley Graves RIP 7/16/13 - jls1216 Richard Michna RIP 7/17/13 ShazScott1980 Daniel 7/21/12 ShazScott1980 Erik RIP 7/22/2013 Barb55 Magdalene RIP 7/24/2013 Barb55 Richard Stanton RIP 7/25/2013 Barb55 Lacey RIP 7/28/2013 azmich Christine Fields RIP 7/31/2013 azmich Michael Waters RIP 8/2/13 Barb55 Christopher Vidal Sr RIP 8/4/2013 Barb55 Walter Leaman RIP 8/6/2013 Barb55 Parker Smith RIP 8/17/2013 Barb55 Megumi RIP 8/21/2013 ShazScott1980 Dr Peterson RIP 8/22/2013 ShazScott1980 Scott (Gideon assistant) 08/23/2013 RIP Barb55 Shawna Ellison RIP 08/26/2013 Barb55 Elizabeth Cross Vidal 08/29/2013 ShazScott1980 Steven Ellison RIP 8/30/2013 Barb55 Mark Garrity RIP 9/4/2013 SharonM745 Martin Stanton RIP 9/6/2013 SharonM745 Dr. Travis RIP 9/9/2013 Sheens263 Trey RIP 9/13/2013 ShazScott1980 Monica Stanton RIP 12/25/13 Barb55Â
  9. The mistakes they are talking about is the jeleousy and the insecurities they have had with each other being around other people. Â Gideon did not see the Red Head as he only had eyes for his wife. Â He could go to San Diego with them we will not know until the next book
  10. Hi Gaia  I think we would all love a baby Cross in the epilogue, yes these two have too many things to work through just now before they can even think of having a family together
  11. I think Peachies, she does not know him well enough to make a decision on him but I think she is a bit put off that he seems to be in awe of his wife and son and does not have the balls to rock the boat with Chris Jnr
  12. I know what you are saying here GiGi, I hope it is not as long as waiting for the books to come out LOL
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