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  1. I think its one of the monthly vacations as described in their pre-nup agreement. Somewhere tropical judging by the palm tree.Â
  2. This is what I'm thinking too. There's this teaser plus the one where Gideon is talking to Elizabeth. Where is Eva for these conversations? These must be Gideon's pov! Isn't that so exciting?!?!? Ahhh I can't wait for this book!
  3.  Hmm you raise some very interesting points about Lizzie and Cary. I'd imagine there must be a reason why Gideon gave his mother that warning.  I can't wait to find out why Christopher decided to lie about Gideon's abuse. Or maybe he didn't know?  And this sleeping separate stuff has got to end! It's probably pretty miserable for Eva to be married have to and sleep alone at night.Â
  4. I think she is "trying to help" by telling Gideon something awful about Eva. Elizabeth told Eva that she knows about her and Brett so I bet she is warning Gideon that Eva will break his heart.Â
  5. I was confused by that particular teaser as well. I don't know what "holed up" is supposed to mean, and I'm not sure what that has to do with having a cell phone either. "Teaser" is definitely the right word for these.Â
  6. Hey don't forget about the television series! After book 5, we'll be able to tune in each week to watch GidEva on the silver screen. I really hope it airs on Showtime or HBO so that they can show all the juicy love scenes. However, I did see that Sylvia said on FB that she hasn't heard from the producers in months and that sometimes even though books get licensed for TV that doesn't mean it will actually come to fruition. That made me really nervous when she said that. I hope life after book 5 involves a long lasting TV series that do the books justice because I definitely won't be ready to say goodbye.Â
  7.  Me too! Maybe a snippet, or even better, an excerpt! Oh maybe she will post chapter 1 like she did with EWY.
  8. You're still visiting the website daily I see. Your threats are empty. Look, there is obviously a huge disconnect between what you are writing and what you are trying to convey. Your intentions are definitely not aligned with your impact. You probably don't mean any harm, but the way you write is extremely off-putting. Perhaps your lawyer boyfriend should check your posts more thoroughly.  Let's just discuss the books and enjoy the forum.
  9.   Wow I don't log in for a few days and I'm totally surprised to see that this is the stuff people post when all I'm trying to do is catch up on the latest GidEva info. Did you really just call Sylvia a ho? What is wrong with you? I think you should make good on that threat to "no longer visit this website". You've said it more than once now so just do it.  Sorry, I had to get that out. Now here's a post that actually adds something to the site. I like your tenacity Kirsten, lol.Â
  10. OMG Zac Efron is one fine specimen. He is gorgeous but for some reason I don't see him as Gideon. Maybe I just can't get High School Musical out of my head, but Zac comes across as too young. Yes I know Zac is 26, not too far off from Gideon, but I still imagine Gideon differently and more mature in his looks.Â
  11. Â yes! I like this idea! Â Â OMG! You are so right! Why didn't I think of that?! There's no way that skank Tatiana is having his baby, lol. Oh the scandal. I'm totally convinced now that it's not his.
  12. tbidwell, no disrespect meant at all, but I think you are wasting your time with posts like this. Let those other websites house this sort of negative energy, not the FANSITE. Sylvia shouldn't have to come to her fansite to read this kind of stuff. Let's keep this message board a place of POSITIVITY for Sylvia. We all enjoy when she comes to the board and posts, so let's not ruin it. This is where the real fans come, not the ones who are fed up from waiting and threatening to walk out on the series. I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel their pain, I want the book out like YESTERDAY...the wait sucks majorly. However, there are TONS of other things to read, see and do rather than sit around moping and complaining because CBY isn't out yet. If Sylvia "loses" the fans who are tired of waiting, then they weren't worth having int he first place.Â
  13. I've lost count on how many times I read the series. It's either 5 or 6, I'm right there with ya. Agree that this is the best series I've read. The waiting is crazy, not sure what the publisher is gaining from this long wait.Â
  14. He had to beat up Cary to prove to Gideon that he was serious and that he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Remember he had to ask Gideon for the cash more than once...the first time he asked for the money he got beat up by Gideon in his officeÂ
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