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  1. May just be another print run of the book, UK Amazon had run out yesterday. I saw the tweet and tried searching for information but found nothing.
  2. 3 hours ago, BettyY37 said: Having read the entire series from beginning to end during the past week, I wonder after finishing the fifth book for the second time if the whole story was outlined in 2012 Sorry, couldn't get both quotes to copy through. I think Betty is asking had Sylvia planned the storyline fully back in 2012 when this began (although I believe she began writing this in 2011??) - I'm sure I read that Sylvia hadn't planned the whole story and it was evolving as Gideon and Eva spoke to her. This will be why, when she was writing Reflected in You she rea
  3. Not on much at the moment as neighbours called, and next I spend a few days on and off with my sister. I'm re-reading the e-book so I can highlight text and take screenshots to look at later. I think the scene at Tableau One with the Crossroads Board indicates that Eva is going to be working for them, so I think that was meant to wrap up that part of the story. Landons - odd that although Eva felt Mrs Landon looked a little like Corinne (and Elizabeth) but Gideon didn't think so, Eva thinking Landon was going for someone looking like Gideon's ideal woman. Looked like Gideon had m
  4. A comment on Facebook has reminded me that Sylvia said we may meet some characters in other books so who knows, maybe somewhere in The Blacklist book we may hear more about characters from Crossfire?
  5. I do recall family pets being a great comfort when I was upset, I recall one particular incident where I had not been well and had received bad news and my sister's dog was there and when I got off the phone she suddenly climbed on the sofa next to me head on my knee and snuggled in as if to say 'I'm here, can't do much but be with you but I'm here'
  6. Beagles have a terrific sense of smell and are used at airports.  I found some mention of beagles (and other pets) related to nightmares in this PTSD forum post  https://www.myptsd.com/c/threads/pets-nightmares.16036/
  7. At the moment all I can say is that I think we didn't get full closure of some storylines because the ending of the story (while on honeymoon) meant the story never reached the point of closure for those lines. I guess the epilogue a lot of us expected was in the future, with children either with them or Eva telling Gideon she was pregnant, and that the stories such as Cary's baby and whether Corinne's book came out, would be known. We saw in CBY how quickly some storylines were tied up and the same happened here. Some reviewers were surprised Monica had a back story, they must have m
  8. Don't read any reviews, not just because of spoilers but because you need to read the book with an open mind and I suspect some of the reviews are 'coloured' by what other reviewers have said (including a few who haven't even read the book but are posting reviews!!). You need to make your own mind up about the actual content, the writing is as excellent as ever and there are twists and turns.  And then pop over to the spoilers thread and join in.Â
  9. I quite agree, but I bet the author (and a lot of readers) couldn't face the plethora of comments that would result from an announcement that there would be a sixth book - a rumour had begun quite soon after CBY came out that there might be six books but it was quickly quoshed. We can get into the loose ends in the spoiler thread and maybe ask Sylvia if there is any resolution to them.Â
  10. Yes, finished and begun a slower re-read taking my time. I'm in the position of having no distractions at home so could settle down and read the book once I got home with it last night. I wouldn't normally read a book of this length so quickly as I'm pretty sure I've missed some points hence the re-read. Just don't read any reviews on Amazon.com, amazon.co.uk is safe at the moment. Pity that they don't have 'spoiler' markers like Good Reads has. The reviewer has used the alerts on Good Reads but not on Amazon. Sadly some reviewers are still going on about how the story co
  11. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/one-with-you-completes-sylvia-days-electrifying-crossfire-series/
  12. Keep going, there's more action to come.
  13. Smarter and suspect he genuinely cared for her and as such was backing off once he saw how happy she was with Gideon - he also did not have Anne Lucas giving him dodgy prescriptions and putting thoughts into his head, and Deanna assisting in ensuring Corinne was Gideon obsessed (guess their idea of getting back at Eva thinking he just might give her up and go back to Corinne).
  14. Someone on Amazon.com has put spoilers in their review so please don't go and read reviews until you've read the book.
  15. It took me approximately 6 hours to read and now beginning a much slower re-read. First impressions are that I loved it, some of the scenarios were as I had imagined them, a lot were not. I like Eva again (I realised reading part of this book that her past relationships had not been lengthy so one of my comments on the CBY thread was incorrect). Huge shock towards the end which made me cry, definitely not a scenario any of us had anticipated. And I really did appreciate how the ending was not as mawkish as some book endings are. As it ends literally during the three month per
  16. Right at the bottom of the page is a a very slim 'box' going across the page where you can reply to this topic without having to quote someone else's post. UK iTunes has no reviews yet (two comments on there from before the book was released). I'll swap sites and see what the US side has to say. But I can imagine, as with Captivated, a lot of the reviews won't be about the book or its content or the writing quality or storyline, but about there being 5 books instead of 3 and the time between books. Such a pity people don't understand what a review is supposed to be. And they sh
  17. Enjoy this evening and I think you will work out quite easily what was being referred to, you've already read Chapter 1 and part of chapter 2 and this isn't very much further into that chapter. I'm quite a way in to the book as I haven't done much else but read since I got home, it is excellent, and Gideon gets Lucky which is something really lovely. So far a very intriguing read, ups and downs, I've laughed quite a bit (not sure I should have been!!) and the book only confirms what a great writer Sylvia is.
  18. Mission accomplished. As to sme's worrying item, it's something I fully expected to happen, and had written about and the promised outcome is something I had also predicted, although had not written on here about. And I will say no more on the book until tomorrow (although I may continue to comment on things people post but definitely won't give anything away).  First book shop I went into had just one copy on the shelf, and to be honest I didn't expect that particular shop to have it, It's the first one on the street I visited that I find when I leave the tube and a good so
  19. Well as Amazon UK have already delivered OWY to lots of people, but my copy is still not sent, I am heading to Central London to visit bookstores in case (good excuse to do some other book buying). Although I love my e-0book reader, I prefer to hold the paperback for the proper reading experience. But if I am unsuccessful, well e-reader it is (in about 11 hours) Â
  20. Thanks for those thoughts Rogue, you read into things much better than I can. At the moment my main thought is Eva is 24, apart from Brett I think she had other short-term relationships. And 24 is quite young to be well-versed in how to handle a real relationship? Gideon is 28 and apart from Corinne has mainly had one night stands, the only 'relationship' was a fairly odd one with Anne Lucas. Maybe the brunette thing has some influence here, the resemblance to his mother may again be his way of punishing his mother for her rebuttal of him by just having had the one night stands and
  21. No, pretty sure Arash wasn't asked to see Corinne so minor change there. I don't recall the bit about 'admire anything except Eva - objectively dispassionately.' Nor the bit about not calling security. And there's the bit about Corinne's goal. I denied that I ever loved anyone before Eva - I think that is new. There's also more description of Eva and how he sees her and feels her.  I think I'm going to finish reading CBY tonight just in case I do find the book tomorrow. If not my e-book should land in 24 hours 24 minutes (well perhaps a little longer than that as they d
  22. I'm hoping the title of the book says it all for how they are through this book. He knows she is THE one for him, and once she had settled her feelings for Brett Kline she began to be more certain Gideon was THE one for her. I think her feelings for Brett were her only doubt and I felt she wasn't sure if she still did have those for him - she knew from the concert that his voice still did things (was that possibly why she kissed him back?) and she had said that how Brett now wanted her was how she had wanted it to be when she was with him in the past, but he treated her as if he couldn't c
  23. I feel we've had less teasers this time round, not many of the teaser Tuesday type of things have been from OWY, more often quotes from previous books or asking us questions to do with the other books. Having re-read almost all the previous books, I was reminded how, on the first read, I wasn't sure about Gideon at all, Eva was the character I was most interested in. I remember reading the limousine scene after Eva kissed Brett and not really liking Gideon until I realised why he was doing what he was doing! By the end of Reflected in You when it was revealed what he had done for Ev
  24. "And I don´t gonna spoil it .. but like somebody already said .. Chapter 2 starts with Gideon´s POV! And within we will know more about the wedding and some mature ... well .. something surprising about which I am already in a big worry. More I wont say! Hope this is not already too much for one or another person here?" Intriguing, going to speculate as I can't stop myself doing that even at this late stage - something Gideon got up to in the past that is not too 'nice'?  After reading that comment I thought about going out to bookstores but here in the UK Sunday Trading Law
  25. Well, I was just reading Sylvia's facebook page discovering someone else had already received their book (sent from the UK to Australia so the lady said it was probably posted early to ensure it was received on time and as luck would have it, the book arrived early). That made me go to Amazon to check the progress of the order for my paperback (in the hope it might be ready to send and I might get it on Monday). To my horror I discovered delivery date was 12th April. I'd pre-ordered on the same order as some other items which I received back in November, but because the other items cost
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