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  1. In reply to a question on Facebook  Sylvia Day Afterburn/Aftershock is presently in development for film adaptation. I'll post updates as we get them!
  2. There's nothing in the book that would explain this, perhaps Gideon had given Angus time off for the weekend as there was no need for a security detail until Gideon and Eva were due to return home - the driver had been changed part way through their journey to the house so Angus would have been free to enjoy a couple of days off duty. Also it being over a weekend, I guess even if Monica had tried to contact any of Gideon's employees she probably only had business numbers and at weekends I suspect the telephone operators/receptionists wouldn't be in the office???
  3. Happy new year to you too. I've not done a re-read yet this year (too many other must reads out), but have dipped in occasionally to clarify some thoughts. I don't think the author responds to all tweets so don't be disheartened not to hear from her. Its the same on her Facebook, people ask questions and often it is other readers who answer. She says she is writing at the moment and Gideon is talking to her . . . . . so that may be why she is responding to a few people giving hints about the characters featuring in the next four books she is contracted to write. Despite the cr
  4. Happy new y ear everyone  In a response to a reader tweeting about needing more Gideon and Eva, Sylvia replied  Sylvia Day • Author  ✔ @SylDay We'll see them again, in the Blacklist Series and Ireland's series.  Â
  5. I know from reading reviews that people felt a lot of questions raised throughout the books had not been answered. I believe there were 'hints' in One With You about some of those answers (such as it does look like Eva is going to work for Gideon as he involved her in the lunch meeting/Gideon confronted his mother and accepted the fact that she would never change). Some of the questions may well be answered in the proposed book(s) about Ireland so I am not worried about what happened to Anne, Dr Lucas, Corinne, whether Tatiana had the baby or Cary and Trey made a go of it as they are not t
  6. I just popped on Good Reads to see if there was any further detail on this book - there are lots of ratings for it already, some one star, some five stars and in between - yet no-one has read the book as I believe the author is still writing it so how on earth can someone rate a book that is not written?????
  7. I bought the iTunes song and the booklet is a photo of Sylvia, the lyrics, a few sentences from the book leading up to Brett singing and a few words from after he sang. When I pre-ordered the price was £1.49, last night before my download was available the price had dropped to 79p but I was still charged £1.49 - Amazon usually only charge you what the price is on the release day, iTunes are not sokind .  If you bought the audiobook from audible you should be able to download a fresh version including the song, ditto if in the UK and you bought the e-book from Penguin you get a
  8. I am wondering what this is about, but probably just that a count down to Gideon's birthday was a reasonable way to publicise the song release. Don't forget if you buy the song via iTunes you get a booklet (not sure what that will be as the digital booklet is usually the artwork of a cd so will include details of the songwriter, singer, possibly the musicians involved.Â
  9. Well, Golden by Six-Ninths now exists  http://www.sylviaday.com/golden/ UK iTunes link to pre-order  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/golden-single/id1150588451
  10. From the author's web site  When will So Close (Blacklist #1) release? Sylvia is presently working on So Close. The publisher will announce the release date once the story is complete and edited. At this time, it’s expected that So Close will release in early to mid-2017. This is the most up to date information on this topic as of August 2016.
  11. Sadly this has just gone on the author's web site  Will there be a Crossfire® motion picture or television series? Lionsgate optioned the rights to the Crossfire saga in 2013 and renewed the option twice. After three years of development, Sylvia declined to option again and she presently retains the adaptation rights. She eventually expects to find the right partner, but for now, the Crossfire series is no longer in development. This is the most up to date information on this topic as of August 2016
  12. UK readers will be able to purchase an e-book of all 5 Crossfire novels (can't happen for the US due to the last book having a different publisher). Â http://www.sylviaday.com/international-edition/complete-crossfire-series-book-collection/
  13. Perhaps the shock at what he was doing in his office was purely because it was in the office which is not somewhere one would normally do anything sexual? I don't think he was shocked at Eva's home when that first physical encounter happened as (now we have the picture scenario) it looks as if he did do certain things with women in places other than the Fpad.  In the limo it was a full sexual encounter and his reaction reflected that he had actually been able to have full sex in a place other than the fpad. (??? open to other ideas on that conclusion). Eva does confirm that Gi
  14. Not really related to this topic but as this is the main thread - delays in publishing books: Sylvia Day was given so much 'hate' (is that the right word) for the delay in publishing some of the Crossfire series, and I believe most of the delays were out of her hands. One author I follow who publishes many more books than Sylvia, and releases each book as a series and then as a set, always has a problem that delays the publication of her books. Mostly just by one or two days but over the last few months I've noted that each instalment has an announced release date which always changes
  15. "Nathalia said - I just feel like, when I finished the book, I was looking for more."  After having time to let the ending register, and still being aware I need to do another re-read (after I've finished the next two series I have promised myself I will read) I do agree with that statement.  I think I was happy with how the Gideon and Eva storyline ended (with them together and him being on the road to as much healing as I think he would achieve. I wasn't all that bothered about whether or not the baby was Cary's but it would be nice to know if he does end up with T
  16. Interview with Sylvia  http://www.pbs.org/video/2365751623/
  17. I'll join in on this soon, might have to do a re-read chapter a day so it's fresh in my mind. I agree that Chapter 1 flowed nicely as a follow up to Captivated. We still get a lot of both Gideon and Eva's thoughts about how handsome/beautiful they find each other but as the stories are being told pretty much through their thoughts and they are thinking about each other a lot then there will be comments about their looks. Plus in the first chapter they serve, along with brief reminders about things such as Gideon's nightmares, to remind readers of the story line. (And this did cause som
  18. I'm not getting much time again (some work going on at my house) but the last few points re Gideon's attitude to what constitutes sex is interesting and could be correct. I'll need to do a bit of a re-read of some parts which I can't do at the moment, but am I right in thinking we have to pick some parts of the story line up from clues Sylvia gives? If so was the information we got about how he was with Ann a clue that actually he was not always 'nice' in how he behaved towards the women? He said he was more depraved with her, but he also said something about conquering (not sure if that
  19. I read and enjoyed these. Busy at the moment but when I've a moment I'll refresh my mind over the story and let you know what I thought.
  20. Maybe he was telling the truth in that he only had actual sex in the f***pad.  "Dr Petersen asked about sexual encounters, Eva" he said flatly, "which isn't necessarily F(&^*** as far as I'm concerned. I didn't think that distinction would be appreciated when answering the question. So let me be clear, I took women to the hotel, but I didn't always nail them. It was the exception when I did." "I needed the distraction of focusing on someone else, and using my was too much involvement." Eva then thinks to herself "Sadly I could recalling times when I'd dropp
  21. On Facebook Samara directs people to the Q&A section of this forum so maybe we should pose a question about this on there and once Sylvia has finished her book tour (which is two more days here in the UK) she may answer us. Scrolling through some reviews on Amazon and Good Reads people mention Cary, Trey, Monica, Gideon's mother, brother, step-father, Landons, Lucases etc. etc. but not one person has mentioned the photo and how out of character the incident depicted  seems to be.Â
  22. The photo was either taken straight on at the couple or taken from above them (which is a covert way of papparazi snapping people in private without them realising a photo was being taken, I can't find anything in the book that confirms how - just that Eva can see U shaped sofa, she can see black velvet curtains (so the 'booth' has curtains unlike a lot of those in the google search), she can see bottles on a table. A brunette reclined on a mound of pillows and what Gideon is doing to her, she can see a second brunette draped over his back one thigh hooked over him, legs spread and his han
  23. Annoyed with myself for forgetting the photo - could have asked her last night!! There's a variety of booths in that google search, but remembering that Gideon was supposed to be private about his 'goings on' and it was presumably one of his own clubs, then I'm with sscrph on this. Google search won't always find what you ask for (e.g. search for a particular painting by an artist and you will get pictures not by that artist, not even of the same title). So some of the 'booths' in that search are probably not what Sylvia imagined. I bet the club she envisaged was in New York (after
  24. Just remembered she also said that of course Gideon would appear in the new novels as they are about Manhatten and Gideon owns half of Manhatten!!!!!
  25. Interesting talk at the Apple Store tonight. I was almost late but managed to get a seat, some had to stand. Note how I am writing is my own interpretation of what she said in places as I couldn't take many notes and my memory is rubbish so this isn't a verbatim report. One With You is the fastest selling paperback this year. Even outsold Lee Child. Her favourite character is Cary. The tv series is in active development, i.e. they are definitely working on it. At the moment she expects the tv series to be the books as they are - if the books were to be made into films
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