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  1. I have to agree about Wallbanger it was so funny and I loved it!
  2. You know if Stanton gets pinned for Nathan's murder Monica will be able to get back with Victor. I don't think that will happen because of the Russian involvement, but you never know.
  3. Once we figure it out we're all going to be downloading it. LOL
  4. I totally agree with you. I understood it that he doesn't do "it" anymore since Eva is in his life.
  5. Â Â I hate that I didn't catch that. LOL
  6. What does Gideon whisper to Eva? Sylvia wrote that all would be revealed in EWY. Then more people started whispering things that Eva didn't catch. Do we find out all the whispered conversations -maybe in book 4 for sure?
  7. There's going to be a blow up with them & I can't wait. It's going to be like a car crash & I won't be able to look away.
  8. I agree with you that he had time to send the text. It would have been awkward to be there. I still don't think that Elizabeth should have called Gideon. Neither of them nor Eva should have made an appearance at the hospital. I thought that Gideon was going to be done with Corrine once and for all. I know that it seems harsh with her overdose, but I don't care. I wish he would resort to (what did Deanna call him?) 'iceman' with Corrine.
  9. Â That sure would make things more interesting! I like it either way. Â Â Â
  10. That series is awesome!
  11. I have always liked this song!
  12. I did the same thing (read then listen) with EWY.
  13. That is an interesting point. I wonder about this. It would be cool if in book 4 Gideon told Eva that just like when he told her about the actual first time he saw her outside the Crossfire.
  14. Well it looks like book 4 will have more details into Gideon's family and I can't wait for those interactions.
  15. I didn't think of that, but it makes sense since he gave her directions on how to track his phone. He doesn't want to hide anything from her.
  16. A couple of things that I've been wondering: If you are pregnant don't you have to stop taking anti depressants? I'm not sure what her deal was either knowing or not, wanting to get rid of the baby or try tricking Gideon into thinking it was his. No wonder she left France so quickly before she got further along. I'm just confused by wtf she was thinking and if she knew or not. I was also SO relieved to find out that it wasn't Gideon's baby. I am so glad that even with Corrine's advances and Gideon spending so much time with her that they didn't end up in bed together. Â Who was in charge of the video? I think that I am even more suspicious of Chris JR because the video played out like the sex tape. Hmm. Makes me wonder. Something shady is going on at Vidal Records. Did Brett seen the video before it was made public? I know that Chris JR has always been jealous of Gideon -maybe this was his way to try and mess things up for Gideon? When Eva asked Gideon not to watch the tape I just felt for her so much. With Eva newly married and still thinking of Brett sexually, WTF! I really think that there's going to be some major drama in San Diego. I don't think that Eva will cheat, but she sure gets in compromising situations where Brett is concerned. Â I like that now that Gideon is confiding more in Eva with most of his back story/history. Some of it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be, I was over thinking some of the reasons why. I was however heartbroken when I read the part where Eva finds out about the text. I know relationships like this are new to Gideon, but I hope for the best. Â Cary has to be the best friend ever! I have always liked Trey for him. It sucks that the chick has him for 18 years. Â Monica and Victor, oh my! I loved Eva's response to her dad about being with her mom. Can't wait to find out what is keeping Monica with Stanton. Maybe Elizabeth is just cause Eva is back in Gideon's life and she's feeling like an outsider. It didn't help matters at all by her reaction to the ring. Â BTW Chapter 9 of EWY was a favorite of mine as was Chapter 10 of RIY!!! Oh and the people that are about there being 5 books instead of the trilogy annoy me! If you were a real fan you would want more. I can't go on Amazon it just irks me seeing how people are reviewing the book! Â Jessica
  17. She took a cab there, so I'm not sure. I think she knew their attraction towards each other hasn't stopped over the years and knew that she would sleep with him.
  18. When reading EWY I was waiting to find out what Gideon whispered and now there's another whispered comment that we don't know. I am so happy that there are more books cause I can't get enough.
  19. I was thinking the worse, but then Eva was told she sounded sick when she called out of work. I am wondering what's up.
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