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  1. Lizzy! LOL! Love it! Did Corinne call her husband telling him that she OD or was he with her when she OD?
  2. I agree, LN, Anne Lucas' over medication of Corinne was no accident. I feel that Anne comes from a twisted/sick family...and Anne has her own pathological mental health issues. No, I don't think that Gideon should have taken her to the ER--he should have called her parents if her husband was unavailable Who found Corrine after she attempted suicide or did she call someone reaching out for help---maybe she called Gideon after her attempted suicide? I can hear Corrine say- "Look what I've done, Gideon, because of you""
  3. Favorite quote chapter 3: Â "I hate to freak you out," I muttered between desperate kisses, "but you've got it real bad for me."
  4. I think that Victor may have figured out what Gideon did for Eva....and I would have loved to have been privy to that conversation,too
  5. I love that song...
  6. Wow, LN!! Love it!  I was traveling yesterday---going on a holiday--as the European ladies would say---and now I am trying to play catch-up..
  7. http://unitedvoices.tv/henry-cavil  This is an audio of Henry Cavill doing 3 commercials and a narration..
  8. Dang!! Looking at this pic---would love if HC would do just one chapter from EWY on an audio book----maybe the chapter from the scene at the night club...*whew*!
  9. Ok I found it!! Very Nice!!
  10. I couldn't find it, Bookworm, on your pinterest page...
  11. LN-- They all sound good to me! Can't wait to hear your thoughts about EWY, LN!
  12. Sylvia is just so gracious in the midst of criticism... I think the world of her... I LOVE YOU, SYLVIA DAY, AND I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!
  13. AMC


    I wonder if this incident is a red herring???
  14. I loved this book!!! Cannot wait to read what you all have to say!!
  15. That picture of Henry is from The Immortals premiere-- November,2011
  16. Well ladies, I joined this forum November 21, 2012.. It has been so much fun.. I have learned alot.. This forum has gotten me through the long cold winter.. I have not posted as much as most of you..but I think that I have read every post!  THANK-YOU!!! I have to work tomorrow --won't get off until 530 EST.. But if my EWY hasn't come in the mail...I will go to Barnes and Noble to pick up my reserved copy...  CANNOT WAIT!!
  17. LOL! Hilarious!! I was at Barnes and Noble recently looking for Samantha Young's new book "Down London Road", and the young guy at the service desk went to look for it for me---when he came back with the book, he had a cheesy grin on his face...I know I was blushing! hahahaha
  18. I think that there will be a hot s e x scene with Victor and Monica.. Eva will be spending more time with Gideon and Cary will not be able to handle this and will relapse into old destructive behavior Eva will use her Krav Maga skills on someone other than Gideon
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