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  1. Â Great point about the ring--I had not thought of that before! Â I think that the police have already questioned Corinne----because she was with Gideon on the night of Nathan's murder...
  2. Thanks, LN! These are great! Â How long do you think that the first chapter in EWY will be?
  3. OK, Gideon, this one's for you... "To really love a woman To understand her - you gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought - see every dream N' give her wings - if she wants to fly Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms You know you really love a woman...." Bryan Adams: "You Know you Really Love A Woman"
  4. How long do you think the first chapter of EWY is going to be? I hope that it's going to be longer than 2 pages----LOL
  5. Great point!! Magdalene would have been a lot better cover!  Stupid move, Gideon!  Unless, something else is going on here?
  6. Just heard this on the radio--an oldie but goodie: Â Brian Adams "Everything I Do I Do It For You"
  7. Ladies, I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the posts---LOL Did someone post that there will be no more snippets in EWY?
  8. OMG--I feel the same way.. It's as if the shell around his heart has been broken and Gideon is now able to truly love someone for the first time in his life...
  9. On page150 in RIY: Â Arnoldo smiled; it was the knowing and slightly mocking smile one bachelor gave to another who'd been caught by a woman. He said something in Italian. Gideon replied, his pronunciation sounding fluid and sexy, his tone wry. Arnoldo threw back his dark head and laughed. Â Dang! I wonder what was said!!Â
  10.  I agree! But I feel that some kind of drama is going to happen to Cary...
  11. I like!!! *sigh*
  12. Yes! I hope to hear more about Victor!! I think that SD said that we would be hearing more about him! And I want more character development on Ireland, too!!!  EDIT: Also I want to see more of Arnoldo!!!!
  13. Agree, I don't think that Mark crossed the line... He wanted Eva to know the reputation that Gideon had... It was Eva's decision if she wanted to proceed with Gideon and I feel that Mark left it at that...
  14. *sigh* I guess the first chapter will be posted 0900 eastern daylight savings time? I will be working and won't have access to read it until my lunch break.....boo...lol!
  15. I would be shocked too if Eva slept with Brett---I don't think Gideon and Eva's relationship could overcome that. They both have so many issues with trust. Then again, I realize that I am injecting my own personal feelings into this---LOL!
  16. I know---I don't think that it's Eva----because of the lace stockings...
  17. Lucky!!! Any other interesting tidbits about SD? Â She IS interesting---would love to meet her and hear her speak!
  18. "I think Eva is a lot smarter than her mother and does not wish to emulate her, I think Eva flees for her own self preservation ...   "       Agree, Sscrph....  I also think that Eva is WAY more mature than Monica  But I also wonder---why didn't Eva stay in California after she got her Master's degree?
  19. I don't know if this has been posted before:  SD is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence---interesting!  This info was in the bio. section on SD in the back of SD's two books that I am reading ...  "Pleasures Of The Night" and "Heat Of The Night".... Â
  20. Yes! We women love to gossip about someone else's love life! LOL! But, I am curious about Megumi---if she really is a friend for Eva and who IS she dating... Is Megumi a "red herring"?
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