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  1. LOL Okay, Gabri, say that in Italian!!
  2. LOL!! I wanted to thank-you for posting the 1st and 2nd chapters of EWY.. I have been soo far behind in reading everything  I think when Gideon saw Eva---his heart must have dropped... A few hours earlier he had just given back Eva her ring..
  3. I would have loved to know what Gideon was thinking when: Â "As I turned the corner back to the Crossfire to start the trip home, I saw Gideon step out onto the street with Corinne..... Â He looked up and saw me, freezing in place just as I had." Â Page 307 RIY.
  4. "I wanted desperately to talk about it, to get help working it out in my head, but I’d never be able to tell anyone. Even our therapist could be ethically and legally bound to break our confidence..."   Victor will be the one who Eva talks to-----when Victor figures out all that transpired.....
  5. I know...I agree I don't think that Cary would hurt Eva on purpose...BUT he does have his character flaws...and he does like drama...
  6. Just wondering.. Do you think that Gideon told the whole truth to his lawyer team that he murdered Nathan?
  7. It's upsetting to me that so many people are out to destroy Gideon and Eva's relationship...Who is on their side...who can they count on to support them? Angus is the only one who comes to mind...
  8. LOL! I just bought "Down London Road", too..
  9. LN: Based on this statement: "We know now, because of some things Sylvia recently posted on this site, that Gideon/Monica/Stanton were all cooperating together to guard Eva's physical security, now that Nathan was a danger to her. It had been Monica who told Gideon that Nathan was the one who inflicted the near-fatal beating on Cary" I guess that it safe to assume that Monica and Stanton know that it was Gideon who murdered Nathan?
  10. LN, you wrote: â—¾"Did Gideon hunt down Nathan first, or was it Nathan who hunted down him (and Eva) because Nathan learned she (and Monica too) now lived in New York City?" Whoa! I never thought that perhaps Gideon hunted Nathan first... I assumed that it was Nathan who hunted Eva/Gideon first... Interesting..
  11. Â I'm with you---I feel that Nathan saw Gideon that day...Gideon was acting wierd that day! I feel that Nathan saw Gideon more than one time....
  12. USA...Kentucky... Samantha Young wrote "On Dublin Street"-- It takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland--present day... And yes, I think that it is very good book...it is not part of a series..
  13. OMG! THAT would be great--to hear a man's voice speak Gideon's words! I see that you are from Edinburgh, Scotland---have you read "On Dublin Street" ?
  14. Welcome!!! What is fun for me is the different points of view!What is hard is trying to keep up with the posts on the different threads! LOL!
  15. Surely Detective Graves KNOWS that she got this evidence illegally.. What was her motive---what did she think would happen???
  16. LOL! I think that maybe I should reserve EWY at B&N, too... Just in case the one I ordered online doesn't come on June 4!! That would really drive me crazy!
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