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  1. That chapter was so intense!!  Whew! Chapter 10 RIY is my favorite chapter---so far...
  2. All the theories about the watch are good---but I like Angus--so I hope LN's theory is correct!
  3. I know, Sheens, that is what is soo fascinating about this forum...the different points of view....
  4. I *love* your phrases----don' stop!!! LOL
  5. OK, Sylvia Day, there is a lot of good music here to choose from for Gideon and Eva---Â when the Crossfire Series goes to a TV series!
  6. I love it, too! But --as much as I would want Eva and Gideon to get engaged---I don't think that it is going to happen in EWY...
  7. It is good!! It takes place in present day Edinburgh, Scotland.. And some of the phrases that Sheens uses --the characters use in the book! LOL!
  8. "Wee holiday"  I *love* that phrase... lol  Reminds me of one of fav books "On Dublin Street"......
  9. If Gideon tells half truths.... then how in the world will Eva EVER be able to trust him?????????
  10. I have thought that Gideon will have some sort of financial catastrophe.. and that Eva will somehow help Gideon in this regard.. Â I often wondered how much money Eva has.. from the compensation money that Stanton has invested for her...
  11. My question would be:  Was Gideon lying when.. Gideon told Dr. Peterson that he had sex on the average of twice a week before Eva-- but Gideon also told Eva that he's had sex more with her than all of the women combined..
  12. "Can you escape your problems" Â This put a lump in my throat.. what are the multitude of problems that need to be escaped from? Â *sigh*
  13. Julie said: Â "He just needs support, love and someone to point him in the right direction. Helping him stand on his own two feet, to be independent." Â Yes! He needs to learn to be independent... Â Is Eva enabling his dependency? Â I'm wondering what "need" Eva is fulfilling by having Cary being dependent on her?
  14. I know!! Brilliant! My brain doesn't think like that!  LOL
  15. I agree... And I think that Gideon and Corinne had some form of BDSM going on...
  16. Favorite scene, chapter 2, RIY page 28:  " Startled, I looked around for him. Then I remembered that the caller ID put him in his office. My gaze lifted, searching for the security cameras. Immediately, I felt his eyes on me, hot and wanting. Arousal surged through me, spurred by his desire."  That Eva can feel Gideon's desire via the security camera, is hot!
  17. One hour was too short-- LOL! LOVE Sylvia Day! She said that the Crossfire series would be on a premium cable channel--I don't subscribe but I will now!  Sylvia said The Crossfire series appeal transcends culture, countries etc...the reaction worldwide appears to be the same.. I found that interesting......   Someone who looks like Gideon Cross lives in Manhatten!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to find this guy!
  18. OMG! Really enjoyed the video chat ! I love you, Sylvia Day!!!!!!!
  19. Just wondering.. Pre-teens and teenagers have a tendency to "withdraw"....from family life, etc... Maybe Monica thought that Eva's withdrawal was just due to the "teenage" years?
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