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  1. Hi all, Finally finished One With You today. And I feel so emotional. I can't keep it together. I find myself crying in public. I feel like I need a day off. Lol. Ugh I miss them. I need another GidEva book. One wiith babies :-). But either way I think I'll still want another book after that. They've been part of my life the last 4 years. How do I close that chapter?
  2. Hi Gigi, Thank you I had a fabulous day. :)
  3. :-), yay ness thank you Sylvia. Wow we in for a bumpy ride.
  4. Happy sigh, now I see this as a sign of snippets and tidbits from Sylvia.
  5. Ya you on to something. Maybe he stopped seeing Gia before she could fall in love with him. Only he it was too late.
  6. Yah hey. Being married to someone just because its good for your career or what not.
  7. When Gia says " When Jackson's not gambling with millions, he's cleaning up after family members a la Olivia Pope." I think you are right. Ian still loves Lei and she him. November still far out. I really gotta stop reading unfinished series. Maybe Sylvia will start giving tidbits from CBY. A girl can hope. Another thing that seems strange, Allison Kelsey the wife of Jax's cousin. What's with her? Did she bang or wanted to bang Jax? What she said to Gia was so not cool. She is such a b@$ch
  8. Hello ladies, Totally enjoyed Afterburn. Love Gia and her family to bits. And Lei I think there's more to her story with Ian. At the charity in D.C he said something along the lines I don't have a heart because someone broke it. So did Lei cheat on him? Did he branch out on his own because he felt betrayed by Lei and was just getting back at her? Jax maybe was keeping tabs on Gia because of her safety. He said something about being with Rutledge on the phone when he called Gia after she the penthouse. Deanna being in this book I like. Maybe it's a sign will say adios to her in the next book. Now I also love the Olvia Pope line. I know Sylvia is also a fan of Scandal. All in all I really enjoyed the book.
  9. Lol,ya no more pre-ordering for me. It's a headache. With EWY only got it around 6am. So tonight waiting up. Just as it goes 00:00am I will purchase
  10. Hi ladies reply from Sylvia RE:Afterburn chapters and pages.  Interactions Sylvia Day ~ Author â€@SylDay7m @PortiaMokubela Ten chapters. My full-length books have approx. twenty, give or take, so ten chapters is the halfway point.   View conversation Sylvia Day ~ Author â€@SylDay9m @PortiaMokubela Aftershock is the second half.   View conversation Posh Mokubela â€@PortiaMokubela5h @SylDay hi Sylvia, #Afterburn question: How many chapters and pages? Rumour has it its 99 pages? Expand  Sylvia Day ~ Author â€@SylDay11m @PortiaMokubela In ebook format, the page numbers vary depending on the e-reader, so page count is worthless. It's half a book. (cont.)   Hide conversation  Reply  Retweet  Favorite  More     3:34 PM - 14 Aug 13 Â· Details
  11. Hi ladies, I just checked on amazon 99 pages listed. I hope it was a print error. 99 pages is so little. I will finish reading the book within an hour. :(
  12. Will definitely get a box or two and will read it this weekend. :)
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