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Who do you see as Gideon, Eva, Cary, Mark,...?


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Via cable television or satellite, do any of you ladies in the U.K. get the U.S. networks Showtime, HBO (Home Box Office), AMC (American Movie Classics) and/or FX (that's one of the Fox Networks stations)?


These four are among possible American cable television networks that Lionsgate might use to air a Crossfire series, because Lionsgate does use different networks, and the above four are among the most prominent for made-for-television series.


The most prominent of the series Lionsgate currently produces (in terms of both highest viewership and most awards) is Mad Men, a drama about a New York City advertising agency in the 1960s. Mad Men airs on AMC. Another popular and award winning series by Lionsgate, Nurse Jackie, (a comedy-drama "dramedy") about an emergency department nurse in New York City hospital, airs on Showtime.

Hi LN, I get FX (Fox) and love watching NCIS on it but none of the other shows :)


We get Mad Men but on Fos

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I was thinking who should play Elizabeth Vidal - either Kristen Steward from Sex and the City or Bridget Moynahan - she had played Mr. Bigs wife...


Those are good choices as well.  I think there will be a lot of actors who have the right look and temperment to play the role of Elizabeth Vidal. 

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I don't like Arnoldo and Angus.  I have to think about that a little more.  Most of the others I can live with.

I don't like Angus and don't really know Arnoldo actor but liked the others, would prefer Benjamin Brett for Victor though

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