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  1. Great comments !  I too am a Brett hater  from the beginning   I agree all the loose ends in one book - hope its 500 pages LOL Â
  2. Yea, how could I forget about the brunette thing - that was an AH HA moment too ! Â The book will be interesting, didn't take her for one to enjoy 'kinky f**kery' but ??? Â also will she be honest enougth to tell everyone she was the one to propose marriage ? Â Â LOL Â I DO agree more books would be great - since we only cover weeks ... somewhere someone made a rude comment about there being more than the original 3 - Just telling 'them' not to start Outlander which covers 50 years and most books over 1000 pages on top of that ... Â
  3. Well ......  that was intense for sure.  I had lots of errands yesterday so read in short periods of time until the evening.  Read until the battery on the Nook died - a little after 1am.  Right in the middle of the big Chap19.  So turned out the light - for 5 min LOL when I went and got my phone and finished about 2:30   I say 'WELL DONE'  Ms Day !!! and same to all of us Master Guessers  We were 'right on' with several ideas and pretty close of others !!!  I loved seeing in print.   Corrine's book - I remember someone throwing that out - so I laughed out loud when I read it !  I knew Brett was a scum bag and he came thru for me !  I was disappointed with no details in the San Diego meeting, but rewarded with the New York meeting.   Think we knew Clancy was the 'guardian angel'  I think several thought G would get the beach house for E - but a big plus the 2nd wedding will be there   Anne is a B*tch - no surprise  still a little gray on the timeline with her and Hugh's id and weather she knew  and of course the biggest surprise (?) of all - Stepdad Chris reaction and woo hoo knocking Dr T out cold  biggest disappointment - not enough Christoper and his part in G trouble and same for Mommy Dearest (what went on between the 2 of them that kept Chris in the dark)   Saddest of course the big fight and separation BUT  Then the big breakthru with Dr P and telling E in detail about the dreams  I think having most of this book in G POV was so different threw us a little off base.  Seeing him less than the self-confident, alpha male was difficult in places and then to see all the 'behind' the scene things he controlled / impacted just changed the whole dynamic of the couple/    OK obviously I've had too much coffee this morning so will shut up ...........  excited to see all the comments  LOVE this place !!!  ps ...  just a quick comment to those about the story being 'drawn out' to 5 should avoid Outlander at all cost - 8 books already LOL & I'm only in the mid of #6 Â
  4. AHA The Ring .......... Â When Mommy said 'her' ring G came back with no 'HIS" ring ! Â I'm thinking way back certain items were given to G and when he gave it to E she saw it as a 'remembrance of happy times' when he had a happy family life. Â Â I think E was prepared to be friends with Mommy until the walk on the beach and G told E that Mom didn't believe him. Â Then it was 'war' between them ! Â Â And I don't think Mom knows about E abuse, that's the bond between G & E - not Gold-digging- LOLÂ Â BUT we will see tomorrow, won't we Â
  5. Hopefully we will get more specifics on Gideon's abuse but based on what we 'sorta' know now ...   Dr Terry knows it was Anne's brother - but did she?  remember G once told E he could understand now why he lied if he loved Anne as much as G loved her.  Other than Dr Terry, Anne and Gideon (& now Eva) who else knows about the affair ??  and unless she is REALLY a sicko would she have lusted after G if she knew her brother abused him as a child ??   In the new Chap E describes his previous women as 'agressive' so who knows how many are POd that he is now engaged and would like to sabatoge his relationship by gossip to Eva  Come on Tuesday Â
  6. Random thoughts ....  Loved Gideon POV ! certainly see him in a diff light, alot more insecure than expected.   POd at Eva for using the word 'confused' to decribe her thoughts on Brett  she knew it would set G off - and his Corrine threat just self-defense.  Still think Brett knows about the tape and is hoping this will break with G & E, Big surprise when he finds out they are married.  I hope E talks to Dr T before she sees Brett, so he can 'screw 'her head on right  I think it is interesting to hear E described as 'wild child'.  I think she was earlier when she was acting out her issues, but now she is more secure and being loved and loving has settled her  Gideon's distraction at the Outer Banks didn't end when they returned but no one knows that it was probably Nathan that distracted him from business dealing and more Eva.  Wondering about the timing of G's affair with Anne ??  was it after he knew it was her brother that abused him !  I think his issues with her could well have been cause by him really not interested - just revenge,  Since mentioned Anne and her brother looked similar I don't think her could have ever 'gotten it up' based on his revulsion.   Any way can't wait til Tuesday !!  I know it will be a wild ride   Â
  7. I tried to see that item in the corner a couple of times but couldn't tell ---- maybe Gideon taking a gamble and 'buying' the sex tape original ?? Â Â OK, did I miss the info we aren't getting any more teaser text from book and just getting the chapter pics until realease date .... Â Outlander been filling the void while I'm waiting, the TV series got me hooked on the books -- and still trying to get my breath back after watching the Wedding - a couple of times LOL Â Â Â Later Ladies .........
  8. Weird is an under statement  I enlarged it and it's even worse.  Glad it wasn't just my eyes !
  9. Thanks ! Â I thought it was just me ... I keep re-reading but the 1st part makes no sense to me. Â Maybe it's the choice of words. Â
  10. WHAT IF ..... Â that isn't Eva speaking but Cary meeting up with Gideon to discuss the Brett tape ?? Â JUST THINKING Â .... Â his greeting ' Sorry you caught me mid-workout' ... doesn't sound like any greeting he was would say to Eva. Â And Cary has always had the 'hots' for Gideon so he would definitely appreciate a ripped, sweaty body !!! Â
  11. They are another great couple would definitely love to hear more. Â And now we know that Deanna is a 100% pure B*tch ! Â I checked back and when she first me Eva in condo lobby she interduced herself as a 'freelance reporter' so that sounds like she had lost her job and looking for her next tabloid feature - dirt on Gideon ! Â I think there probably a good chance the 'boys' know each other, those young, rich, extra hot ones seem to frequent the same functions. Â And wouldn't it be great if Gia and Eva could double team and whip D's butt. Â Â
  12. Happy BIrthday ! Â Thanks for all great books you've written and all the ones to come Â
  13. Davis Gandy is yummy for sure, but he's been the face of Ethan Blackstone - Raine Miller's Blackstone Affair - so for me I can't see Gideon Â
  14. Our Ms Sylvia posted info on FB about her next signing in Tempe, AZ on April 4 .... now this isn't her pic, but we do we dare hope   https://www.facebook.com/events/424329997668198/  Isn't that a beautiful red rose ??  And who do we know that loves red roses ??? Â
  15. Thanks to all that posted the recent interview, it was very interesting and I love to her talk about our Crossfire friends. Â
  16. Isn't it fun to visit the site where our favorite books take place ? Â Loved your trip down memory lane . Â Â
  17. Hi Sharon - Your comments are perfect !  This site has been very entertaining and made the Crossfire series more than just books.  Looking forward to the next 2 books and I know they will generate the same 'spirited' discussions the 1st 3 have done.   Happy New Year to all  See ya in 2014Â
  18. When Elizabeth made that statement about take him away - I thought what planet is she on?  Cause she hasn't had him emotionally since she refused to believe him and or physically since he moved out.  And I'm sticking with 'the brunette / black hair thing' is rooted w his Mama and her rejection. And that Anne's including herself as a psycho  So much fun to look forward to !! Â
  19. I think that Syliva mentioned early on that we would see the 'sex swing' again in upcoming books. Â And I agree he needs control in the sex due his total loss of control as a child, but not necessarily BDSM as Christian practiced. Â Another thing once he knew about Eva's own abuse he was very scared of pushing too hard or losing control with her. Â I doubt he's too rough cause that info would would gossip fodder for sure amoung all his one-nighters. Â As everyone else can't wait for the story to continue
  20. Happy Thanksgiving to all !!   Don't know if anybody else saw this BUT  Dunkin' Donut was advertising 'Blueberry Muffin' flavor coffee  I wasn't really paying attendtion so had to back up and sure enough that what it was.   Guess somebody at Dunkin' reads Crossfire Â
  21. What has always interested me, in RIY when Eva confronts Elizabeth in the restaurant she tells Eva she had 2 doctors examine Gideon and I don't think we ever have been told who that 2nd doctor.  So is there someone out there that knows and lied too? And of course she said that Chris Jr said nothing happened but he was 5 or 6 so how accurate can that be about something so important.    Just saying I think there is more to be revealed about this  .............  Just saying ..........
  22. Random thought for today .... Now here is real villian or should I say 'Femme Fatale'. Â Reading Entertainment Weekly I ran across this interesting fact. Â Sharon Stone 'bad, bad girl' in Basic Instinct was ...... TA DA Â Catherine Tramell. Â As distant relation ??? Â LOL Â
  23. Currently showing on Showtime - The Cool Light of Day (2012) the movie that conviced me Henry was Gideon. Â He looks really yummy in it even if it is a 'B' movie at best
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