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Hi Everyone,

OMW!!!!  I am going to lose my freaking mind!!!  I just finished yet another posting and I lost that one too!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!! I have steam lolling out of my ears and my nostrils!!!!  It is a serious big ugly over here…..


Anyway, I read Chapter One postings from EWY and I noticed that a lot of the postings were delightful suppositions and speculations based on the previous books and not one the book at hand.  What would everyone say to start from the beginning now that we have all had a chance to read the third book in its entirety?  Let me know?


I also noticed that a “Spoiler Thread†has been started and I am not sure that is necessary yet.  Sylvia hasn’t even finished writing the book, let alone sent it to the publishers, so how can we have spoilers without something concrete to refer to?  What does everyone think?  Let me know.  Thanks in advance.

Hi GiGi


I think the spoiler thread is for any spoilers in this book that people don't want to know about that we are discussing from today as some people may not have finished the book yet as we are doing a chapter at a time.


Hope this helps :D

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Excellent point -- I think the best way many of us want to savor the story is nice and slow. Kinda like Gideon makes love to Eva, a nice pace instead of "wham, bam, thank you mam."


But I'm wondering whether certain specialty threads might make sense for people who want to focus on a particular larger subject right away. Mainly to separate topics that cover multiple chapters (like the exes) from the chapter by chapter stuff. Make things easier for people who do want to jump ahead to particular characters versus people who want going over everything with a fine tooth comb.


I figure people will be starting their own threads too, like they have all along -- and which is GREAT, by the way. That's one of the beauties of this site, the ability of each person to start a thread, rather than it being run by moderators.


How about this -- those of us who want to do a chapter a day work together to create a thread for that. I think a second master thread clearly marked SPOILER in all-caps should be started too, to give fair warning to anyone checking it out that they might stumble across all the shockers right on up to the end of the story. So folks who really want to avoid spoilers for the time being can steer clear of that one until they're ready.


Maybe those two threads, then leave it up to individuals who might want to set up individual thread to focus on very specific things, like the murder case, how things unfold with characters like Corrine and Brett, etc ....


If this works, I'll create the two main threads -- chapter a day and SPOILER -- later today to get them ready and label them for what time many of the regulars have agreed to get going tomorrow (9 a.m. Eastern Time U.S. is a popular consensus). Meanwhile, everyone burning to discuss/dish certain characters can get lively discussions going for anyone else who wants to dive in.

I like this plan won't be able to get back on until Noon so I am sure I will have a lot of reading to do to catch up from 9AM Looking forward to it since it is a dreary day here

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