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"Captivated by You"

Sylvia Day

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I'm so excited that CBY is coming soon!  I can't wait until I have all five books autographed and hard-bound on my shelves.  Now that I know we've got a quick release date for Captivated, I'm really relieved that the final book will be released simultaneously or nearly so.  It seems like I've gobbled all three down within a day or two and then was left with months of waiting.  I've enjoyed this series so much.  Patience is indeed a virtue.  But it isn't one of mine.  Can. Not. Wait!

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And look for a new CBY excerpt coming soon!

I LOL at this post, when she said "soon" I was thinking like a week or two and it was actually three days! I feel like a lot of people are over thinking that the last books coming out together very closely in dates means more than it does. I'm thinking that it would be within a few months following CBY. I feel like Sylvia's books do so well monetary wise that having a twin release date would loose them money. I could see sylvia pushing for a close proximity in release dates to satisfy fans, since she really does appreciate what we think.

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another re-read is fine, but I have read all 3 books so many times that I think I have them memorized!!! Can't wait for CBY and of course the untitled book #5 Happy Weekend to all :)


I tend to not re-read more than 2 times so by the time CBY comes out I would have to read EWY again... I never even finished the 2nd re-read of EWY because I got busy with school! 

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